34 Golf Brands You Should Know About

One of my goals when I started Practical Golf was to let golfers know about golf brands that they might not have heard of before. This article gives a summary of many of the apparel, training aid, accessories, and equipment manufacturers I have come across. Many of you may have never seen these before, and I can vouch for all of their quality!



This has become my favorite of the golf brands in apparel, and my closet is packed with their clothes. If you are looking for clothes for the golf course, or off of it, you must check Linksoul out!

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Electric Sunglasses

Golf sunglasses can get a bit boring with the same looks over and over again. If you are looking for something different give Electric Sunglasses a shot. Their shades are light, durable, and have high-quality lenses.

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CoLLo Apparel

Golfers need to protects themselves from harmful UV rays. All of CoLLos shirts have built in UPF 50+ protection, which make one of the unique golf brands. Additionally, their shirts are extremely comfortable and stylish.

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They are making the most comfortable underwear out there. If you want ultimate comfort on and off the golf course then you need to try a pair out. You'll thank me!

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I challenge you to find a more comfortable pair of socks. If you walk the golf course you'll absolutely want to have a pair of these, and your feet will appreciate.

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Tasc Performance

You might not know of them as one of the prominent golf brands, but they are making some of the most comfortable golf apparel out there. They are using a unique blend of bamboo fabric that wicks moisture, protects you from the sun, and fits perfectly.


Training Aids

Orange Whip

Arguably the most successful of the golf brands out there in the training aid category, the Orange Whip is usually my #1 recommendation for most golfers. It helps you warmup effectively before your round, but more importantly groove a smooth and balanced swing. Using it at home for as little as 5-10 minutes a day will make a tremendous difference in your swing.

Their Orange Peel is another effective tool because it allows you to practice all kinds of different stances during your practice sessions, which is an important skill-building exercise.

Purchase Links: Orange Whip ($95) Orange Peel ($180)

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DST Compressor

Impact position is another problem that plagues recreational golfers. The DST Compressor has quickly become one of the most popular golf training aids out there because it helps get your body in a functional position as your strike the ball. While I wouldn’t recommend it for every single golfer out there, it has done wonders for my iron game.

Purchase Link: DST Compressor ($100)

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Super Speed Golf

The golf industry is obsessed with increasing distance. While most golfers default to purchasing new equipment to add yards to their drives, one way to do it is to increase the speed of your swing. This product absolutely works (I tested it extensively), but requires a commitment to their training regimen. My recommendation would be for a more high-performance golfer.

Purchase link: Super Speed Golf ($200)

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This is a simple putting training aid that helps improve the path of your putting stroke. It’s inexpensive and will help add more structure to your putting sessions.

Purchase Links: TIBA Putt ($25)

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The Pill

Another great, inexpensive putting aid that helps give feedback on your actual putting stroke. It also can be used with your wedges. This is one of the more creative designs out there and I recommend it for anyone who is serious about improving their putting.

Purchase link: The Pill 3-Pack ($35)

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PuttOut Pressure Trainer

This is a new product on the market that allows you to turn any part of your home into a putting area. It's intuitive design gives you feedback on whether or not you made the putt, and returns the ball to you at the distance it would have ran past the hole.

Purchase link: PuttOut Golf ($30)

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Birdie Ball

The most realistic, cost-effective putting surface you will find to use at home. Highly recommended for golfers who have space in their homes for a full putting surface.

Purchase link: Birdie Ball ($50 - $250)

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Zepp Golf

I would caution some golfers not to use a swing analyzer because they can complicate things, but I think Zepp Golf has done a tremendous job making their product intuitive. I urge all golfers to work on their tempo using this method with any swing analyzer. Zepp is easier to use because their sensor mounts to your glove, while most of the others require you to mount to the actual club which can make it burdensome to change during your practice sessions.

Purchase Link: Zepp Golf (original version - $70) Zepp Golf 2 (newer version - $140)

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Blast Motion

If you want honest feedback on your putting stroke I highly recommend this product because it focuses on timing. The app is nicely designed and presents info to golfers in a simple fashion. Their technology has been embraced by many teaching pros, and many professional golfers are using it as well.

Purchase Link: Blast Motion ($95)

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Technically GAME GOLF is not a true training aid, but I’m adding it to the list because I believe tracking your stats is absolutely necessary if you want to improve as a golfer. Their GPS tracking system will allow you to gain a real understanding of where your game needs improvement with the most important data – what is actually going on during your round.

Purchase Link: GAME GOLF ($150)

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P2 Putter Grips

An innovative take on putting grips that can help golfers set their hands on the club properly.

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Jones Golf Bags

These guys have been making golf bags since 1971, and are one of the iconic independent golf brands. If you want stylish, unique, and comfortable golf bag give them a look.

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Grip Boost

Got sweaty hands? Grip Boost can help! This handy little tool sprays on to your glove or grip, and provides exceptional tackiness even in the most moist conditions.

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Need an awesome belt that fits every time? Check out Nexbelt - they have a unique ratcheting design that allows their belts to fit any waist size.

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If you are walking the golf course, it's probably a good idea to have a push cart. Clicgear is the leader in this category for good reason. Their models perform great on the course, are durable, and fold up nicely.

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Tee Claw

Sick of not finding the right tee height at your local driving range? Tee Claw is your solution. Their unique design allows you to use your own tees on turf mats.

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MG Golf

Golf gloves can get expensive over time. MG Golf has some of the most comfortable gloves out there, but at insanely low prices. You won't find a better deal out there!

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Custom Putters


Based out of Chicago, Bettinardi has been churning out boutique putter designs since the 1990s, and have a pretty incredible showcase of custom work in their portfolio. They also have an impressive line of putters that are being used by touring pros and amateurs around the world.

Recently they released an interesting arm-lock technology currently being used by Matt Kuchar. They are certainly one of the leaders when it comes to custom putters.


Edel Golf

Edel golf is also another name that has gained popularity in the custom putter world over the past few years. Based out of Texas, they have focused on design and innovation, and created some of the most unique putters on the market. They have built up an impressive network of fitters as well to make sure you are getting the right design and specs for their unique flatsticks.


Carbon Putters

Carbon putters have received numerous awards in the industry for the performance of their milled putters. They have more customization options than most companies out there, especially if you are looking to create a work of art. Located near Denver, they are building some of the finest blades around.


Lamb Crafted

Tyson Lamb's name has been floating around the putting world the last few years, and many have called him the next Scott Cameron. You could make a strong case he is creating the finest custom putters currently available, and some of his designs have fetched thousands of dollars since they are such unique pieces of artwork. You can only purchase putters as custom designs, which adds a bit of mystique to the name. In other words, be prepared to open up your wallets!


Low Tide Custom Putters

Low Tide are a strictly custom putter company based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Their portfolio of designs are some of the best out there, and golfers who are looking to have a design that is truly individual should check them out.


Piretti Golf

Piretti Golf are another one of the Texas golf brands making some amazing putter designs. They have a strong portfolio of custom putters as well as multiple standard options.


Ricky Johnson Custom Putters

Ricky Johnson putters are located in...you guessed it, Texas. They are making custom milled putters that have a technology called GameFace which touts a better roll off the face to help with your distance and control.


Byron Morgan

Based out of Huntington Beach, CA Byron Morgan is crafting truly custom putters that allow you to specify weighting, lie angle, loft, sight line, balance and of course your design.


MLA Golf

MLA Golf is a Swiss putter company that has made a splash in the industry and received a few awards for their patented-alignment system. They allow golfers to adjust weights to fit their particular stroke, which adds to their customization options. They are certainly worth a look because they are combining design, quality, and some new technology that other putters don't have.


See More Putters

See More Putters are worth a mention on this list because of their unique alignment system, and their growing popularity in the putting industry (as well as with tour players). Their patented Riflescope technology helps golfers set up their putter on their target line.


Evnroll Putters

Evnroll makes the list despite not offering a custom putter design simply because they have technology that has been recognized as superior to other golf brands. The grooves on their putter are designed to give you a more consistent strike on the golf ball even if you miss the sweet spot. This is a big deal for putters who are looking for more speed control, which is arguably the most important factor for successful putters.


Did we miss any of your favorite golf brands? Let us know in the comments section!

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