Linksoul Review: The Brand Every Golfer Should Know About

Mainstream golf apparel can get a bit repetitive. For golfers who want alternative looks it can be difficult to find other brands because the bigger companies have an advantage with advertising and distribution saturation. I wanted to feature a company that you absolutely should know about. They are making unique, stylish clothes that can be worn on and off the course by golfers. I am talking about Linksoul.

For the past couple of years their clothes have been slowly taking over my closet. I can safely say I have an addiction (as you can see).

They have quickly become my favorite golf apparel brand because they are doing things on their own terms. Their official tagline, "Make Par Not War" captures the spirit of a company that is driven by the love of golf. You can also find them on my list of the best golf shirts.

Who Are Linksoul?

You may have heard of their founder, John Ashworth. His surname still occupies the title of the golf apparel company Ashworth (which was recently sold along with Taylor Made). Since leaving Ashworth Golf he sought to create a golf brand that was different than what he has done before.

You also might have seen Golf Channel's Matt Ginella wearing one of their hats or tees on the air.

The best way I can describe Linksoul is that they are a golf lifestyle brand for those who love this game down to its core.

Most golf apparel companies solely focus on what golfers are wearing on the course. The reason I have become such a big fan of Linksoul is because they have managed to create a line of clothes that you can wear during a round, or when you're out to dinner with a group of friends. Personally, I haven't seen many companies pull this off. It is also part of the reason why they have a loyal fanbase (they are referred to as Linksouldiers). The true golf obsessed don't finish with the game when they are done with their round.

They have a great collection of t-shirts, polos, pants, outerwear, artwork, and accessories that all seem to fit the eye of golfers who are looking for a more classic, but refined look. That's not to say they don't have some designs for those looking for something a bit "louder."

The Common Thread

Each time I have received a new piece of clothing from Linksoul one thing is immediately clear. Every piece of clothing they make is comfortable, made with high-quality materials, and fits nicely.

Their t-shirts are some of the softest you'll ever feel. My windbreaker fits just right in all the places that are important to a golfer on the course. The quarter-zip sweaters have kept me warm on the course and also looked pretty sharp on a date night with my wife.

You could say some of their line has a bit of a west-coast vibe to it, but as a New Yorker I don't necessarily see it that way.

I've had a few instances where something didn't fit just right, and their customer service has been swift and easy to deal with. For anyone looking to order clothes without being able to try them on, you should go with a smaller size if you are in between.

Overall, there is no question that Linksoul is a premium clothing brand. If you purchase something from them you can be sure that it's going to fit nicely, hold up over time, and most importantly look great.

Fresh New Looks All of the Time

If you go through their catalog one word might come to mind - originality.

I'm always checking their website to see what new clothes have come on. Every few months there are always a new collection of clothes. It is obvious that they are committed to design, which is something I always admire. Many golf clothing lines simply regurgitate the same look over and over again. That is certainly not the case with Linksoul.

While not everything they make suits my eye, I think there is enough variety in their catalog to fit the needs of many golfers.

The one thing I have found out about the golf industry is that there is a lot of "me too" products. While this might help the bottom line of many companies, it doesn't benefit golfers who want something different. I applaud Linksoul for sticking to their philosophy and commitment to craftsmanship.

Help Support Independent Brands

Sometimes I worry that companies that stick their neck out with something new aren't received well by the golf industry. If this is your first time hearing about Linksoul, make sure to give them a shot. I always try to support those in the golf industry who are trying something new and different. I hope that more Linksouldiers start popping up.

Of course the benefit for you is that you'll look sharper, and show the world your love for the game.

We need more independent companies like them who are trying to push things forward in this game, and change the way golf is perceived by the general public. So hats off to Linksoul, and I look forward to seeing what they'll do next.

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