Nexbelt Golf Review - The Belt With No Holes

Since I started this website I have been trying to up my golfing fashion game. In this article I’d like to highlight a company making unique, functional, and wonderful looking belts. They’re called Nexbelt.

I’ve been wearing their golf belt for the last 6 months, and it’s an entirely original accessory for a number of reasons.

You might be thinking to yourself, “what could be original about a belt?”

I wouldn’t blame you, especially coming from someone who owns a whopping total of 3 belts (yes, I know it's pathetic). Let’s take a look at what makes Nextbelt different from the rest.

Overall, there are three main reasons why I’ve become a fan of this belt.

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It fits

The biggest complaint about any belt I have purchased in my lifetime is that they don’t fit properly. The fit either doesn’t match up to the waist size you purchase, or you might be in between notches based on the clothing your wearing (not to mention the variability of your waist size).

Nexbelt solves these issues pretty easily with a design that is different from most belts. There are no sizes when you purchase any of their products. There are no holes either.

That’s because the Nextbelt has a unique sizing system. When you first purchase the belt you cut it to your own size, and it works like a charm.

The Go-In Tex golf belt I have also has another unique feature. It ratchets.

So no matter what pants or shorts I am wearing, or if I maybe lost or gained several pounds, I can get the belt to the exact fit I need each time.

This is the most important feature of the belt for me personally.

It Looks Nice

While I’m not a belt aficionado, I know quality when I see it.

This is a nice looking belt, and when you see it in person you can tell that it’s made from high-quality material.

I went with the black version, but there are multiple options available on their site (not all of them ratchet though like this particular one).

It’s Functional

The last little surprise that the Go-In Tex from Nexbelt packs is that the belt buckle itself is a little storage facility for a divot tool and a ball marker.

For those of you who constantly loose both of these tools that you need on the green, it’s a great and easy way to store them and get access to them quickly.

At first it took a little time for me to remember that these tools were actually inside the belt, and for a few rounds I would end up putting them in my pockets. Now I’m used to it, and it’s become a nice convenience that prevents me from misplacing these items (which I typically do after the round is over).

Overall, this is a great belt that I love because of its functionality and looks. You can purchase the Go-In Tex belt ($64.99), and a number of other belts on the Nexbelt website here.

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