Jones Utility Bag Review: Walk the Course in Style and Comfort

Golfers are used to purchasing products that have one of the major manufacturers’ names all over them. In this review I’d like to highlight one of the independently-owned brands out there making quality products. Their name is Jones Sports, and they have been making iconic golf bags since 1971 in Portland, Oregon. This summer I got a chance to try a Jones stand bag (their Utility series), and was pleasantly surprised.

It’s a great bag for golfers who like nicely-crafted products that will make them stand out from the pack. Additionally, this is an extremely functional bag that will meet the demands of golfers who prefer to walk the course.

Change of Pace

The Jones stand bag is a departure from what Jones Bags usually makes, which are its iconic carry bags (pictured below)

They are a throwback to what golf used to look like, and its refreshing to see a company that honors the tradition of the game.

These days most golfers (myself included) want a bag that has a stand, double straps, and plenty of storage space to accommodate 18 holes of walking. They sought to satiate those golfer's demands with this new line of Jones stand bags.

Let’s take a look at some of the key features:


At first look you notice that this isn’t your typical golf bag. Partly because a major company's name is not displayed in large letters, but mostly because it just looks really cool.

I think Jones has done an interesting job here incorporating some of the classic elements of their bags with a more modern feel.

It’s jam packed with functional storage, including an insulated pocket for your drinks and a "quick draw" pocket for your in-round essentials. There’s more than enough storage here for anyone who wants to walk, but doesn’t want to carry too much material to weigh you down.

When you see the materials in person you can see that this is a premium bag, and it does stand out from other bags I've seen.

To be clear, this is a compact golf bag. There is much less space for your clubs than a typical stand bag as you can see compared to my Titleist bag.

The tradeoff for making a smaller, lighter bag means you will have less space for your clubs, and things can get a little tight in there.

For some players that might not be a big issue, but it is something to note. Many of the bags you see now have as many as 14 separate slots for each clubs to make it easier to arrange them and get them in and out of the bag.

Personally I didn’t have much of an issue with it, but not all golfers would have the same reaction to having only three slots for your clubs, so it is something to consider before purchasing a Jones stand bag.


Weighing in at 5 pounds, the Jones Utility Stand Bag could not be considered an “ultra light-weight” bag, but it’s certainly not heavy either. If you're interested in those kinds of bags, check out our guide to lightweight golf carry bags.

Compared to my other bag it’s a bit easier on my back to carry around the course.

The pockets are nicely designed so you can quickly get to your drinks, snacks, tees, balls, and whatever else you are storing during your round.

One thing I did note is that the stand was a little less responsive in the beginning. You had to work at it slightly more to get it to unfold, but that seemed to go away after a few rounds as it broke in.

The shoulder straps are extremely comfortable, and once you get them adjusted properly you’re going to have a nice walk on the course.

Who is This Jones Stand Bag For?

I think the Jones stand bag will nicely fit the needs of a golfer who walks the course. More importantly, I think this bag is really for someone who doesn’t want to look the same as every other golfer.

Every course I go to you will see walking advertisements for the most known companies in the golf industry (guilty as charged).

There is a segment of the golfing community that design matters to, and I think this is the perfect bag for those players. This is a well thought out product that is different, but in a good way.

You’re getting a bag that is modern and classic at the same time, and I think any golfer who brings it out on a course will field a few questions on where they got it.

You can purchase the Jones Utility Bag directly on their website here for $199.95 (at the time this article was published).

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