Tee Claw Review: Your Driving Range Problems Solved

How many times have you gone to the driving range and spent five minutes searching frantically for a stall that has the right rubber tee? There are several other golfers doing the same thing, and you’re trying to beat them to the punch.

Sadly you get left with the stall that either has no tee, an extremely low one, or a ridiculously high one.

I know this is a familiar story for anyone reading this because it’s happened to me almost every single time I’ve gone to a driving range over the last 20+ years.

What if there was a product that could easily solve this problem, and more importantly get you to practice with an actual golf tee? Well there is now, and it’s called Tee Claw. I came across the Tee Claw about a year ago, and my initial reaction was, “where have you been all my life?”

It’s starting to spread throughout the golf world, but I wanted to write an article about it because I know this can solve a major problem for all of you reading this.

How does it work?

The concept behind the Tee Claw is quite simple. The product has 4 small claws that can be embedded in range mats by twisting them counter clockwise. You then anchor the claw to the mat through a lanyard so your tee won't launch off the mat after your swing.

Take a look at this video to see it in action.

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The reason I was personally excited about this product was not only that I could practice with my driver at the correct tee height, but also with my 3-wood and 3-hybrid. Those are clubs that I routinely hit off the tee on the golf course, and until now I could never really practice with them because driving range tees can’t be adjusted.

A little more work, but worth it…

I’ve used the Tee Claw at my golf course for about a year now, and while it does require a little extra effort to use, I think it’s completely worth it. The claw itself is pretty durable, and I haven’t cracked the initial three that I received.

It will require you to take more time to set it up, and re-attach it if it comes loose on one of your swings, but we’re talking seconds.

One of the greatest advantages of using the Tee Claw is that you can practice with multiple clubs off the tee. I have several tees that I use when I practice with it that I’ve cut down to the proper height for each club, which you can see an example of in this picture.

Additionally, it will help simulate a round of golf, which is where the company's tagline “Practice Like You Play” comes from. If you’ve read any of my articles on what effective practice looks like, you know that is a concept I can stand behind!

More importantly, you can do a little bit of experimentation with your driver, or any other club and see how different heights will affect your shots. Most players don’t think about this, but getting the right tee height for your swing can make a huge difference in the accuracy and distance of your shots (we’ll save that for another article).

There’s more

Aside from relieving the headache of not being able to practice with the right tee height for your swing, the Tee Claw has also been used in many different applications. Photos are popping up everywhere of golfers using it as an alignment tool in all kinds of scenarios, even on the putting green.

I’ve included several photos I came across, and you can see people have gotten really creative with how you can use the lanyards as a visual aid while you practice.

At $14.95 for a pack of three, I think this is a “must have” product for any golfer who frequents driving ranges that have mats. Only a small percentage of golfers have the privilege of practicing on grass driving ranges, and for the rest of us we are stuck hoping to find the stall that has a tee that we can work with.

That problem has now been solved.

You can purchase the Tee Claw directly from their website here.

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