MG Golf Review: You Can't Get a Better Glove at this Price!

Ben Hogan believed the grip was one of the most important parts of a golfer’s technique because it’s the only place where the club is actually connected to your body.

I tend to agree, and part of having an effective grip technique is actually having the right equipment. This is a combination of changing your grips on your clubs once a year, and playing with a quality golf glove.

It’s important!

Over the years I have probably tried almost every single brand of golf glove. I am a little lazy about changing my gloves, and often play with them until they are almost completely worn. Once I buy a new one, I am quickly reminded how much easier it is to swing with a fresh new glove.

I recently bought a glove from a brand I have never heard of, and it completely blew me away for two reasons:

  1. It was ridiculously comfortable
  2. It was ridiculously inexpensive

Usually those two qualities don’t go hand in hand (no pun intended). My last glove was a high-quality Titleist model that was $22, and supposedly “pro level”. It was really comfortable, but after 5 rounds it started to lose its grip, and I could see why the pros would use it. They get new ones all of the time for free!

For the rest of us we need to save money where we can with golf equipment, and gloves certainly fall into that category.

The glove that I have fallen in love with is from MG Golf. It is their DynaGrip Elite model, and it cost me $17.45 for two of them with shipping. That is by far the least amount of money I have ever spent on a golf glove. $8.73 per glove is almost unheard of, especially for one that is comfortable and has great durability.

It’s made out of Cabretta leather, which is responsible for giving it the soft feel, and when you compare it to other brands using this same material like FootJoy it’s an absolute steal. It’s even less expensive then other popular gloves that are using fake leather.

I’ve played about 12 rounds with my first glove, and it still is completely fine. I’m not even sure when I’m going to have to switch to the next one, but I have already gotten my money’s worth.

I wanted to let you know about them because it always warms my heart to see smaller companies offer higher-quality products at a lower price compared to the big brands.

The next time you are in the market for a new glove I highly recommend you giving this one a shot, you will not be disappointed!

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