Electric California Review - Not Your Typical Pair of Golf Shades (but in a good way)

Electric Sunglasses are some of the most versatile, stylish, and high-quality shades you are going to find. I've been searching for a pair of sunglasses that I could wear on the golf course, and everywhere else. Thankfully I believe I have found the ultimate solution from a brand called Electric California.

This past January I was roaming the floor of the PGA Show in search of brands that golfers might have not heard about. One of the first conversations I had was with Ian Foulke, who is the director of marketing for Electric California. Ian wasn't dressed like a golfer, and he certainly didn't sound like one either. His booth was filled with products that didn't fit the mold of the golf industry either.

That's because Electric California is not a golf company. They are a brand focused on those who enjoy doing anything outside - hiking, cycling, climbing, snowboarding, and yes golf. That is exactly why I was interested in their brand. To be honest I'm a bit bored by classic golf sunglasses. They're often expensive, and in my opinion you don't look that great wearing them anywhere but the golf course.

Sunglasses are extremely important to me. I wear them pretty much 100% of the time outside, whether it's cloudy or sunny. For the past couple of months I have been able to wear the Knoxville line from Electric California. Long story short, these have become my favorite pair of shades for a number of reasons.

Electric California - Stylish (Not Boring)

Depending on your preferences, the most important characteristic in sunglasses is how they look. Since this is a golf site, many of you have probably been interested in a pair that look like this...

Adam Scott will probably look great in any pair of glasses. However, this look is a bit "overrun." Brands like Oakley have it covered, and I am interested in bringing some other options to you.

The pair of Electric Sunglasses I have don't really look like anything that is suited for a golf course in a traditional sense. That is exactly why I love them.

The Knoxville line are a nice balance between athletic and casual. I feel comfortable wearing them during a round, and pretty much everywhere else. If you check out some of the other styles on their website, you'll see a number of options ranging from more sporty to laid back.

Light, but Sturdy

The thing that immediately struck me when I first picked up my pair of Knoxvilles was that they were extremely light. Typically you might associate less weight with lower quality materials and inferior durability.

I found them to be surprisingly sturdy, and it speaks to the attention of detail that went into designing them. All of their glasses are handmade in Italy, and you can tell these are not cheap. There are a few features built in like dual hinges, extra grip on the frame where it meets your head, and a nose pad that keeps them firmly on your face.

On the golf course this came in handy. I don't like feeling like anything is on my face while I swing. Additionally, the fit is important. The last thing you want is your sunglasses shifting around while you are reading a putt or teeing off. These Electric Sunglasses delivered on both fronts, and I think they will pass the test for a player of any level.

The Right Lens for the Course

Getting the right lens for the golf course is critical. You want something that will help filter out the sun, but not diminish your depth perception.

Ian Foulke strongly recommended not playing with a polarized lens. While polarized sunglasses are great for filtering out glare, they can also affect depth perception. This is the last thing you want as a golfer. Polarized lenses are more appropriate for activities where the sun might be reflecting off of surfaces like water and snow.

The Knoxville sunglasses I wore are equipped with their OHM+ technology. It is intended to be an all around sport performance lens that is easy on the eyes while filtering harmful sun rays. Additionally, they are intended to help your depth perception.

After wearing them for a couple of months I have found that they give a bit of extra clarity on the course while not being overwhelming on the eyes. Some sunglasses I have worn in the past have made things a bit too dim on the course. I found that to be the opposite with the OHM lens. I give them a huge thumbs up, and I think other golfers will be impressed by their light-filtering qualities.

Electric Sunglasses Are Not Your Typical Golf Shades

If you are someone who is looking for a pair of sunglasses that look great, will meet your performance needs on the golf course, and that you can wear everywhere else, then I highly recommend checking out Electric California. I have worn sunglasses from almost every major brand over the years, and these are by far my favorite pair to date.

The extra bonus for me is that I can wear them everywhere I go and don't have to worry about swapping out my sunglasses when I play golf or am just out and about. This brand falls outside of the scope of most golfers, but you should know Electric Sunglasses.

You can purchase the Electric Knoxville-S line here starting at $120.

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