Get off the Cart

Walking golf courses is a great way to get exercise, and slow down your mind.

It's Better for Your Game

I am not a fan of playing golf with a cart for a number of reasons.

The first reason is that I think it speeds the game up too much mentally. By nature I am an impatient person, and when I play with a cart I find myself speeding through my round. When I hit a bad shot I race to the next one without taking any time to compose myself, or think about what I am trying to do. It’s kind of like being at a blackjack table at a casino. They want to keep those cards coming as fast as possible so you don’t have time to realize how much money you’ve lost!

Walking golf courses gives you a way to clear your mind. Take a look at the trees, and enjoy your time outside. This is a great way to forget about a bad shot you just hit. Also, you should be focusing on your next shot, and thinking about your options.

If you are in a cart this will be harder to do. When the game speeds up it often leads to unforced mental errors because you did not completely think your shot through.

Walking Golf Courses is Fantastic Exercise

The second reason walking golf courses is a great idea is because you can burn a ton of calories, and increase your cardiovascular fitness. Working out is extremely important to me, and if I’m spending 5-6 hours on a golf course that day it is likely that I won’t be getting a session in.

Have no worries though, walking the course solves this issue. Depending on the length of your course, walking 18 holes will net you about 5-7 miles. I’ve tracked it with my phone at my own course, and I average about 6 miles each round. Most estimates out there will put it at around 700-1500 calories burned during a round depending on your body type/metabolic rate. That’s a tremendous workout!

I know walking golf courses is sometimes not possible, and you are forced to take a cart at certain facilities. Additionally, you might also have physical limitations, which prevent you from walking a full 18 holes.

Sometimes we feel pressure if our playing partners are taking a cart because we don’t want to slow them down. I walk almost every round, and most of the time my playing partners who are in carts don’t mind. Just be mindful of your pace of play, and it should work out fine.

Golf was not meant to be played in a cart. If you walk the course more your body and mind will be rewarded.

Products That Can Help

If you are going to primarily be walking golf courses here are some links to articles on products that I recommend.

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