TRUE Linkswear Elements Review: The Complete Package

I’ve never really been a fan of traditional golf shoes.

They’re stiff, don’t breathe, and aren’t terribly comfortable for players who typically walk courses.

For years you really didn’t have any options. You were pretty much stuck with this…

Then Fred Couples started wearing those Ecco shoes, and everyone was like, “what are THOSE??” It started a mini-revolution in the golf shoe industry, and made everyone realize that two things could happen:

  • You could inject a little style into your footwear
  • A more comfortable, athletic-style shoe might be better

A few years ago I ditched my traditional spiked shoes in favor of the less grippy, lighter, slicker, more comfortable golf sneakers and have never looked back.

I’ve tried offerings from FootJoy and Ashworth, but I think one company in particular has exceeded expectations, and it’s TRUE Linkswear. I wrote a review last year on their TRUE Motions, and said they were the best golf shoes I had worn to date.

The company exclusively focuses on creating shoes for golfers who walk the course, and they have built up an extremely loyal following because there aren’t many other brands out there that can match their comfort.

This year they have come out with their TRUE Element Hybrids, which I was excited to try for the new season.

In short, they have taken the comfort and look of their brand a step further with new technology that offers much-needed breathability and waterproofing protection.

First Things First

For me the most important thing for any golf shoe is how comfortable they are. I walk the course about 95% of the time, and I want to keep my feet in good shape, and prevent any discomfort by the end of the round.

This is where TRUE Linkswear has separated themselves from many of the other companies out there. I don’t think you are going to find another shoe that offers as much comfort, and their new Elements uphold that quality.

I wouldn’t say these are more comfortable than my Motions; that would be hard to pull off. They are a bit more supportive though, and walking the course in them is a real pleasure.

Nothing about these shoes are stiff, which I find is the case with a lot of the other golf shoes out there.

The Look

I don’t like golf shoes that look like golf shoes. I prefer a more casual look.

Personally I love the design of this shoe, but I know it’s not for every golfer. Design is very subjective so I’ll just leave you with some photos of the shoes, and you can decide for yourself if you like them or not. They are also available in white or black on their website.

They grip, but you’re not attached to the ground…

The TRUE Elements are not a spiked shoe. They fall into the hybrid category, which to me means they are going to offer a decent amount of grip when you are swinging, but certainly not as much as a soft-spiked shoe.

For a golfer like me, that’s a huge plus. I don’t like being stuck to the ground when I swing because my feet do move a little bit, but I’ve never really had issues with balance or slipping.

If you are someone who is looking for an above-average “connection” to the ground, then these might not be the shoes for you. You might want to check out their Game Changer Pro model.

Breathability & Waterproofing??

Usually you have to make a decision between shoes that are waterproof, or that breathe.

If you’re using a mesh to let air in, that usually lets water in too if you are in wet conditions. Conversely, if you are trying to make a shoe (especially a golf one) that is waterproof, you usually will seal off the entire shoe, which limits the ability to let your feet breathe and keep things dry and cool inside.

This is where I have had issues with golf shoes in the past. Because there was no airflow my feet would usually get overheated and sweaty. That did not work out for comfort issues and the longevity of the shoe itself. That might be a little too much information, but it’s relevant to why these shoes are unique.

The TRUE Elements look to solve this issue using technology that has a breathable mesh that is also waterproof.

I can tell you they’ve absolutely nailed it on this front. I’ve worn the shoes on the course about five times now and there is a noticeable difference to what I’ve experienced in the past. I can actually feel air circulating in my shoes rather than them turning into a sauna midway through my round.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to try them out in rainy conditions, but I did do a test in my backyard with a spray bottle. I compared them against an older pair of FootJoys that also have a mesh layer.

I took each shoe and sprayed them thoroughly with water, until they were saturated.

You can see that the water beads off the TRUE Elements while the mesh of the FootJoys look soaked.

The real test was feeling inside of each shoe. The Footjoy’s were noticeably wet on the interior, and water was absolutely coming through.

The TRUE Elements were completely dry, and when I went back almost an hour later they were still completely dry on the inside.

So this isn't some kind of marketing gimmick, the shoes actually do repel water amazingly well despite having an open mesh.

Wrapping it up

If you’re in the market for new golf shoes this year, and want the following:

  • Comfort
  • A different look
  • Protection from the weather
  • Breathability

Look no further. These are amazing shoes that offer superior quality for the price. I’d challenge anyone to find a better shoe in this category.

You can purchase the TRUE Elements on their website for $119.99 at the time this article was published.

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