True Linkswear TL-01 Review: Minimalist Comfort on and off the Course

TRUE Linkswear recently released their TL-01. Over the past couple of years, they continue to create some of the most interesting golf shoes in the industry. While comfort is the brand's number one focus, they've done an impressive job at tapping into some of the latest design trends in footwear, and applying them to the golf industry.

The TL-01 is another attempt to create a crossover shoe that can be worn on and off the golf course. Off the heels of their successful TRUE Knits, golfers now have another lifestyle option from their line. While the TRUE Originals and Majors are more dedicated golf shoes that you likely would not wear to work or elsewhere in your normal life, the TL-01 has some features that make them a solid choice for your next round, or if you're headed out to dinner with friends.

The TL-01 Features

When TRUE Linkswear re-imagined their brand a couple of years ago, one of the main focuses was sourcing the best materials they could find that would hold up to the elements. I can tell you from personal experience that all of their recent releases have held up to their claims even well over a year after wearing them.

The TL-01 focuses on minimalism, comfort, and versatility. At only 8.7 ounces, they are TRUE's lightest shoe yet. They feature a full-grain Nappa leather that is weatherproof, giving a premium appearance and offering breathability for various temperatures.

The zero-drop sole, which is one of the brand's original features, is back in the TL-01, which helps offer a more natural stride. Also, the sole has a bit of cushioning built-in with an EVA midsole, which is a common cushioning feature in premium walking shoes that focus on comfort.

Additionally, TRUE Linkswear has built quite a bit of tread into the bottom of the TL-01 so they can stand up to various conditions on the golf course. One thing that is different than some of their other shoes is that TL-01 has a traditional width fit. They say that over time, the leather will mold to your foot similar to a baseball glove breaking in overtime.

You can see them in action in this video:

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My Impressions

When I first saw the TL-01 prototype at the PGA Show back in February, I was struck by the design. I really like the simplicity and the way the leather looks. I can envision myself wearing them with shorts, jeans, or any of my golf clothing. They don't look like a golf shoe, so you can wear them in pretty much any situation you're comfortable with.

My first impression is their lightness. You don't feel like you have too much on your feet, but the comfort and stability that fans are used to from TRUE's other releases are still there. There is plenty of support for your feet - these shoes will certainly hold up to walking around all day on or off a golf course.

One of the reasons I've gravitated towards TRUE Linkswear on the course is because I have wide feet. A lot of other golf brands have done a poor job at addressing this market, in my opinion. While not every golfer has this issue, it's one of my favorite parts of their Originals.

The TL-01 offers a more traditional fit, which I thought might be a problem for me. I've solved this issue with the thickness of socks I wear, and I believe this is an essential consideration for anyone who is considering purchasing them. I've found that wearing thinner socks allows me to get my feet in there quickly and prevent me from feeling like they are too tight around the sides. While I haven't had a chance to break them in a lot, the shoes will likely get wider for me over time. Also, it's worth noting that this style of the shoe seems to be designed to be worn with no-show socks, which has become more of a trend. I'll leave it up to you whether or not you want to.

While this is more of a subjective choice, I will likely wear the TL-01 off of the golf course. That's not to say you can't play golf in them. The TL-01 has plenty of comfort and support, and I am very impressed by the traction on the bottom as well. However, since I have TRUE Originals and Majors, I feel they address my needs better for the kind of features I want on a golf course. TRUE's last crossover release, The Knits, also created a similar situation for me. While I could play golf in them, they have become my primary warm-weather casual shoe.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the TL-01 look slick, are very comfortable, and I think they can stand up to their claims of a real crossover golf shoe. With this release, TRUE Linkswear continues to build out the versatility of their line. They have two great shoes that are primarily for golf, and now two crossover models that fit in with the rest of your life.

They are currently offered in white and black, and a grey model is slated for late July. At $149, I think they are reasonably priced when you consider the quality of the materials used and other features of the shoe. TRUE Linkswear also offers a 30-day risk-free trial, so if you're not happy with the size or fit, you can exchange them or get a refund. You can purchase the TL-01 on their website here.

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