TRUE Linkswear Knit Review: The Perfect Summer Shoes

TRUE Linkswear introduced a new shoe this year, blending their core design features into the latest trend in athletic shoes, with TRUE Knit.

Billed as fashionable, lightweight, and breathable, TRUE Knit look to finally bridge the gap between golf shoe and casual wear, unlike previous designs. I’ve walked miles in these shoes, and here’s how they stack up to claims:

First Impressions

If you think they don’t look like your typical golf shoe, you can easily believe they don’t feel like it either.

Even having worn TRUE Linkswear brand before, the first time slipping into the shoes was like putting on a second pair of socks. The upper is incredibly flexible and forming where needed. And because of the material, the majority of the 9.5oz weight is in the sole.

At first, it can feel like you’re stuck in the mud because of the uneven distribution. After a while though, the overall weight disappears, and they feel like nothing (in the best possible way).

Personally, I think the shoes are very sharp looking. The knit material has a subtle pattern , nd the overall form is an understated casual. Much like the blending of technologies, the style is mixed somewhere between dress shoe and athletic wear. And it works.

Shoe Features

Knit is king (at least for summer). The tri-blend construction really is unbelievably breathable. On those hot summer afternoons, I’ll take any breeze I can get.

And in case of morning dew, the material is also treated with moderate water repellant. They won’t take on puddle-jumping, but my socks have never felt wet from morning walks around the grounds.

Sticking to TRUE principles, the Knit still features the wider toe box for a more natural feel. The shoes also have a minimal drop from the heel to toe, resulting in a step that resembles being barefoot.

TRUE added a premium PU insert for more bounce and shock absorption along with a gum rubber outsole to take the shoes to the street (or cart path). The insoles even have a topographical print design, an homage to walking any terrain.

Sockfit uppers fit nicely to any shaped foot and ankle, while keeping grass and rocks out of places they don’t belong.

Did I mention these shoes are washable? When they start to look dingy or stained with sunscreen and sweat, stick them in the washing machine on a cold, gentle cycle to freshen them up.

Room for Improvement

By its nature, knit construction is not very supportive.

If you have ankle issues or just need more support (à la Jordan Spieth finish), these shoes might not be right for you.

Sometimes I do feel like I swish around in the netting and on uneven lies feel like I’m sliding out of the sides. That doesn’t mean the shoes don’t hold up, it just makes me more aware of balance and slope.

Another “issue” you may have is the Sockfit upper digging into the back of your ankle. The problem is easily resolved by pairing the shoes with your favorite Kentwool Tour Profile socks. If you opt for the Low Profile, you’re gonna have a bad time.


If you’re in the market for a new golf shoe, I highly recommend the TRUE Knits. They are comfortable, breathable, and incredibly lightweight. You can find them in white, gray, or navy for $129.

Summer’s not over, you still have time to pick up a pair. Just be prepared for compliments on and off the course. Also, be sure to check out our review of the other two major releases from TRUE Linkswear this year.

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