5 Putter Grip Brands Every Golfer Should Know About

For decades putter grips remained largely the same. Golfers didn't have many choices other than the traditional models that companies like Ping had been making. Then SuperStroke came along and flipped the industry upside down.

Now golfers have quite a selection of grip styles to choose from, and they can make meaningful changes in your putting stroke. In this guide, I will go over some of the noteworthy companies making putter grips that you should know about.

Many of these products are oversized putting grips. If you have never tried one before, and you struggle with your hands becoming too involved in your stroke, I strongly believe these can help you. They have certainly done so for myself and plenty of other golfers.

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I'll start with the company that changed things for the better. SuperStroke is certainly the innovator in this category. Their unique design and varying thickness of grips have made them arguably the most popular supplier of putter grips in the world.

Personally, when I switched to their Fatso 5.0 Oversize model years ago it helped alleviate some "yip" tendencies I was having on longer putts.

Their Flatso series is the most popular, which is available in three separate thicknesses. Additionally, they have released a line of counterbalanced grips, which are gaining more popularity as of late.

Overall, they have the most versatile line of putter grips available in my opinion. You can view their complete lineup on their website.

P2 Putter Grips

This company caught my eye at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show with their innovative designs. I liked them so much I played with their React Tour model last year and wrote this review.

The reason I like P2 Grips so much is that their putter grips set your hands very nicely on the club. Additionally, their unique design gets the shaft of the putter more in line with your forearms, which allows your wrists to lock a little more and resist twisting the clubface open or closed

They have continued to innovate their line of grips, and I highly recommend giving them a shot.

Flat Cat Golf

Flat Cat is another putter grip company that took the market by storm a few years ago. You may have seen Justin Rose and a few other PGA Tour players using their grips on TV. Recently they were acquired by Lamkin due to their popularity.

This is another interesting grip which seeks to remove the golfer's hands from their putting stroke. It is a bit more extreme than other designs out there, but plenty of golfers who use them swear by their products.

Rosemark Putter Grips

Rosemark is an up-and-coming brand that offers "tension free" grips for golfers. Lydia Ko won two major championships using their putter grips and they are the preferred choice for the manufacturer SeeMore Putters.

Their patented design is shaped like a hexagon to mimic the natural shape of a hand. Additionally, they are textured in a way to minimize grip pressure, which can be the enemy of a pure putting stroke.

I recently got a chance to try out their grips at the 2018 PGA Show, and absolutely loved them. They have a nice collection of designs to choose from, and their increasing popularity is not a surprise.

You can see the owner of the company explaining their design and technology in this video:

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Forward Grips

This is another company with a patented design that seeks to get golfers hands set in the optimal position during their putting stroke.

They have received high praise in the industry, with many saying it is the most natural feel out there. Their difference is that they place more material above the shaft of the putter, which sets your hands in a comfortable, ideal position.

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