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Orange Whip Trainer
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The Original Orange Whip Trainer is the longest and most popular version. The Orange Whip trains and develops your golf swing rhythm, tempo, timing, balance, and swing plane. It provides immediate feedback that you can feel as your swing improves.

  • Voted the #1 swing trainer in golf by PGA and LPGA Professionals
  • Maximize core golf fitness, strength, flexibility, and coordination
  • Designed for men and taller women
  • Simulates driver motion
  • Most physically demanding Orange Whip
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Plus, You Also Get The Practical Golf Insider Membership (usually $50):

Access to a library of HD tutorials from some of the top golf instructors in the game
Performance games you can use on the practice range or at home
Audio interviews with instructors
Decade Foundations Videos
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Orange Whip Trainer