Golf Shot Tracker Guide: 4 Products To Enhance Your Stat Analysis

If you are looking to keep track of your stats and evaluate your performance on the course, a golf shot tracker system is worth researching. This category took off several years ago, and now there are numerous options available to golfers.

In this guide, I will go over four products that I think are worth your money. I will evaluate each of their strengths and weaknesses, and hopefully, make your decision a little easier!

Here are the shot tracking systems that I recommend:

  • Shot Scope
  • Arccos
  • Garmin CT10

Let's take a more in-depth look at each one...

What Do Golf Shot Trackers Do?

Shot trackers use sensors that attach to your grips to record all of your shots on the golf course. When you finish your round, you'll upload your data to an app, or online dashboard that will then make sense of everything for you.

You will receive top-level stats like fairways hit, greens in regulation, scrambling percentages, and putting metrics. Also, you can find out how far you are hitting each club on the course, versus how far you think you are hitting them. Many systems go a lot deeper and offer you advanced stats that will reveal every detail about your golf game like strokes gained.

Overall, if you are looking to improve as a golfer, I highly recommend using a shot tracking system.

For further reading, I wrote this article a while back, which outlines how you can use stats to set goals for your golf game.


GAME GOLF is one of the pioneers in the shot-tracking category. I tracked over 50 rounds using their original product and found it to be excellent in several areas.

It is very accurate at collecting data on the course. One caveat is that it is the only system that requires manual tagging. Tagging was not an issue for me, but some golfers might find it a nuisance. In my opinion, this is the only major downside of using GAME GOLF.

GAME GOLF's stat portal is one of the best in the industry. It offers clear, actionable information on your golf game in many areas. On top of that, they have created an active social element that allows you to compete in online contests and share your rounds with friends.

You can snag a deal on their original unit, or their newer GAME GOLF Live for under $100. Recently, they announced their Smart Caddie app, which allows players to get real-time advice on the course based on their stats. Additionally, GAME GOLF Pro is slated for a release in November - it will allow golfers to track their shots without tagging.

You can read my full review on GAME GOLF here.


Arccos is also another strong brand that was first to market in the golf shot tracker category. Their system does not require a golfer to tag shots manually. However, you must have a smartphone with GPS capabilities in your front pocket at all times to automatically record shots.

Their app uses artificial intelligence to give you on-course recommendations. On top of that, their online dashboard offers robust data analysis that can help shed light on where your game needs help.

Overall, Arccos is a great option for golfers who don't mind having a phone in their pocket on the course. It automatically tracks your shots and gives you access to one of the best data analysis systems in the industry. To be transparent, this is the only product I have not tested because having a phone in my pocket while I play is a bit of a deal breaker!

Update: Arccos released their Caddie Link, which does not require a phone in your pocket anymore. You can check our review of Arccos here.

You can purchase their system for $199 here.

Shot Scope

Shot Scope is one of the newcomers to golf shot trackers. The Scotland-based company figured out a way to blend what was missing from both GAME GOLF and Arccos and put it into one system.

I was very impressed with Shot Scope V2 when I tested it several months ago. Instead of having to tag shots manually, all GPS data on the course automatically records through a GPS watch. It solves the issue of having to carry your cell phone in your pocket. Also, the GPS watch provides great value with distances to various points on the green and hazards around the course.

Shot Scope was very accurate in my testing despite not having to manually tag shots. Additionally, their online dashboard is excellent at giving you a top-level view of your stats, as well as a deep dive in several categories like tee shots, approach shots, and short game.

The only downside is that the watch is a bit large, which might bother some golfers. Also, it carries a price tag of $249, which makes it a more significant investment compared to Arccos and GAME GOLF.

You can read my full review of Shot Scope here.

Garmin Approach CT10

Garmin recently announced the Approach CT10. Similar to Shot Scope, it automatically records your shots on the course through the use of a GPS watch.

I got a chance to test out the CT10 and found it mostly accurate at capturing shots on the course. Their online stat dashboard is not as robust as the competition, but still more than capable of tracking your stats. I think it is more appropriate for golfers who want a simple analysis, and don't need all of the extra detail (which in many cases is not necessary).

The only downside with this shot tracking system is the cost and compatibility. The Approach CT10 currently costs $299, and it only works with the Garmin Approach S20 and S60 watches, which cost roughly $199 and $399 respectively. That can bring the total cost well beyond $500, which I believe makes the CT10 more attractive to current Garmin watch owners.

You can read my full review of the Garmin Approach CT10 here.

Wrapping It Up

Each golf shot tracker system has their strengths and weaknesses. On the whole, these four products do their jobs very well. As I mentioned earlier, I think it's a great idea to keep track of your stats on the golf course because it can reveal the truth about your golf game. Taking this information to practice smarter, and make better decisions with your strategy can save you strokes.

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