The Complete Guide to Golf Deals: Where to Find the Best Discounts Online

As you already know, golf can be an extremely expensive game. On top of greens fees, there's the cost of clubs, balls, apparel, technology, and all kinds of other accessories. For those who are willing to look though, there are plenty of ways to get golf discounts. I compiled a list of the best online resources to get golf deals for you. If you are looking for products that I recommend, be sure to check out our reviews section of the site.

These are all trusted sites that have been in business for a long time. Each of them has their own strengths, and if you keep your eye out you can save some serious money.

eBayThey are arguably the best place to look for golf deals. There are thousands of sellers looking to get rid of stuff they aren't using anymore, and plenty of authorized resellers. The only catch is it will require a little bit more work on your end to keep track of auctions and making sure your bids are being placed at the appropriate time.

Amazon - By now it looks like Amazon is about to take over the planet and completely destroy retail. Over the years their golf offering has become pretty impressive. Many times you can find OEMs selling their products for less money than they would on their own sites. Since Amazon has become such a strong marketplace there are plenty of resellers on here lowering their prices to compete for your business - win.

Global Golf - Since 2006 they have been one of the largest online retailers for golfers. They also have insane clearance deals in just about every category. Keep them on your list to price check before you make a purchase.

Rock Bottom Golf - They are also one of the online leaders in golf deals. They have a price-match guarantee that will give you future store credit if they don't have the lowest price on a product. You can also trade in your used gear if you are looking to upgrade.

2nd SwingYou have probably seen their commercials on the Golf Channel by now, and they have become one of the largest marketplaces for used clubs. They currently boast an inventory of more than 45,000 used golf clubs.

The Golf Warehouse - TGW is one of the original online golf retailers, which opened up for business back in 1998. They still have one of the largest selections of golf discounts out there.

PGA Tour Superstore - They have established quite a brick and mortar retail network, but the online site has a nice collection of markdowns.

Callaway Pre-Owned - Many people don't know this, but Callaway's pre-owned website is one of the best resources for golf deals. If you can resist the urge to buy the latest release and are OK purchasing clubs from a couple of years ago, you can absolutely steal them.

Taylor Made Pre-Owned - Taylor Made also has its own pre-owned website that has plenty of deals on their used clubs. You can save more than 50% on a driver that was released last year!

Budget Golf - As their name would indicate, you can find some nice deals on their site. They have been around since 1993 and specialize in getting you golf discounts on clubs, apparel, balls, and accessories.

Carls Golfland - They have a few physical locations in Michigan, but if you check out their clearance section you'll see some pretty large sales.

Lost Golf Balls - Golfers lose millions of balls a year. Lost Golf Balls are one of the leading resources to buy slightly used balls at a steep discount. You can find major golf discounts on every single brand here.

Golf Balls - They are also one of the leaders in golf ball discounts. You can get customizations done here as well.

Supreme Golf - If you are looking for discounted tee times they are one of the top resources because they compile results from all of the top tee times sites. Check them first before you book!

Did we miss any great resources for golf deals? Let us know in the comments section!

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