FootJoy Pro SL Review: The Perfect Blend of Comfort, Stability, and Traction

The Footjoy Pro SL is a great spikeless golf shoe for players who are looking for more stability and traction on the course. Recently I got a chance to try them out, and have been impressed by their latest offering.

Personally I am always on the lookout for new golf shoes that will make my walk more enjoyable. In my opinion there isn't an abundance of ultra-comfortable shoes in this category. TRUE Linkswear has been a brand that I usually recommend. Typically I don't cover the larger companies on this site, but after going through a shoe fitting at the PGA Merchandise Show with FootJoy, I was interested to try these out.

Getting the Right Shoe

When golfers are usually looking for a spikeless shoe, comfort is the main factor. Players like myself are usually willing to give up the traction that a traditional soft-spiked shoe might provide. Additionally, these sneaker-esque offerings don't usually offer much in the way of stability during your swing.

It is a matter of preference though, and how you interact with the ground during your golf swing.

FootJoy has come up with a fitting system that uses a pressure mat to determine what shoes are best suited for your swing. I got a chance to try it out at the PGA Merchandise Show earlier this year. It recommended the FootJoy Pro SL, which surprised me because it is part of their stability line of shoes. I would have assumed that I would be a better fit for a mobile shoe, but based on how my feet were interacting with the ground that wasn't the case.

Out on the Course

I took their recommendation and got a pair of the Footjoy Pro SL. After wearing them out on the course I am quite impressed with this shoe.

It certainly provides plenty of stability with my feet while I swing. It feels a little more like a traditional golf shoe that I had been trying to get away from all of these years. However, there is one major caveat that set them apart. They are extremely comfortable, and I still feel like I have plenty of mobility.

When I think back to the old pairs of FootJoys that I used to wear years ago, that wasn't the case. It is the reason why I switched to a sneaker-style shoe from companies like Ashworth and TRUE Linkswear. My feet never felt truly comfortable, and I didn't like the feeling of being stuck to the ground.

Players who prefer more traction might be better suited with a soft-spiked shoe, but the FootJoy Pro SL provided plenty in my opinion. Certainly more than many of the other spikeless golf shoes I have worn before.

Other Considerations

Fit is always an extremely important part of the puzzle for me with shoes. I have wider feet, and many of the golf shoes out there don't accommodate that. The Pro SL is much wider than most, and the fit is larger as well. My shoes are medium width, and they are definitely plenty wide. Some golfers might want to consider ordering a 1/2 size smaller.

Another thing to note is that they are 100% waterproof, and guaranteed for two years. The tradeoff is that these shoes don't feature any mesh, and don't breathe that well. The TRUE Linkswear Elements are one of the few shoes I've ever seen to solve this problem.

Final Thought on the FootJoy Pro SL

Overall these are great shoes. Golfers who are looking for a spikeless shoe with comfort, stability, and traction are going to like these quite a bit.

The FootJoy Pro SL retail for $149, and can be purchased here.

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