The Best Golf Swing Analyzers on the Market Right Now

The golf technology market is becoming extremely crowded, particularly with swing analyzers. Over the past few years I have gotten a chance to test out the most popular models out there. Here is my list of the best golf swing analyzer products available for golfers.

The Most Important Features

Golf swing analyzers are only as good as the user experience. Some of the products out there do a poor job of displaying data through their apps, and it becomes difficult for the golfer to understand. Additionally, many of them are a nuisance to set up, and make your practice sessions more cumbersome.

The reason the following products made the list for best golf swing analyzer is because:

  • The apps are well designed, and display data clearly
  • They don't take forever to set up while you are practicing
  • The metrics they provide have clear explanations, and give recommendations on how to fix them

When using a swing analyzer, it's best to focus on only one or two key features of your swing at a time, such as your tempo. If you overload yourself with too many numbers your golf game will likely suffer on the golf course.

Zepp Golf: The Most Intuitive Swing Analyzer

Zepp has become a leader in this space for good reason. They have designed the most intuitive, and easy to use product in my opinion. You can read my full review here. I believe this is the best golf swing analyzer for beginner to average players.

Pros: Intuitive app that gives clear explanations of your swing faults and practice plans. Attaches to your glove, and you can easily change clubs without having to

Cons: Does not measure some advanced metrics that golfers might want, or allow you to practice putting or chipping.

Purchase:Zepp Golf 2 ($149)

Skypro: The Best Overall Mix

Skypro has been one of the most successful golf swing analyzers since it came out. You could make a strong case that is the best golf swing analyzer on the market for a wide variety of golfers. It gives a comprehensive analysis of your swing along with advanced metrics like angle of attack. Additionally, the software on the app is very strong. It gives detailed analysis, but doesn't overload golfers with complicated explanations.

Pros: Offers a great combinations of data that will satisfy golfers of any level. The app is well designed, and allows you to focus on specific swing elements. Gives clear explanations for swing faults.

Cons: Attaches to the shaft of the club, which adds a little more time during practice sessions.

Purchase:Skypro ($149)

Blast Golf: The Best Golf Swing Analyzer for Putting

Blast Golf has chosen to focus on putting, and this is my top pick for golfers who want to improve with the flat stick. This swing analyzer focuses on the timing and tempo of your stroke, which simplifies things for a player of any level. I highly recommend working with this product if you are looking to improve your speed control on the greens.

Pros: The best product out there for putting analysis. App is easy to use, and measures key data points with explanations of why they are important.

Cons: Can be difficult to set up, and they charge extra money for a subscription service that gives a more detailed analysis and practice plan. Offers full-swing analysis, but other products listed in this article perform better in that category.

Purchase: Blast Golf ($115)

Bonus Content:Be sure to check out my complete guide to putting.

Swingbyte: The Data Lover's Dream Come True

Swingbyte was one of the first innovators in the golf swing analyzer category. They offer arguably the most robust array of data. However, many users complained that it was too difficult to understand for less-experienced golfers. Recently they released a beta version of their Virtual Coach, which I discussed in my full review. Overall, it might not be the best golf swing analyzer for every player, but it needs to be considered for a more advanced golfer.

Pros: Comprehensive data collection with advanced metrics. Full 3D swing analysis. Virtual Coach shows great promise, and will make it much more intuitive for beginner to intermediate players.

Cons: Attaches to the shaft of the club. Limited putting data/accuracy. Original software might be too advanced for less experienced golfers.

Purchase:Swingbyte ($130)

How Should You Use These Swing Analyzers?

These four products are great picks, but the most important part is using them properly. Personally, my favorite way to train with a swing analyzer is to focus on the tempo of my swing. Find out why in this article.

Overall my main piece of advice is to not try to tackle everything at once. You can't possibly work on your swing plane, clubhead speed, and tempo all at the same time. Pick one specific metric and try to track your progress over time. These products can be great training aids for golfers who like technology, but you certainly don't want them to hinder your progress.

Overall, golf swing analyzers can help make your practice sessions more productive and focused, and I believe they have a place in certain golfers improvement plans.

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