The Best Golf Apps for Android Users

You likely already have an excellent tool for improving and enjoying your golf in your pocket. Golf smartphone apps have exploded in recent years, giving several options for different phone types and purposes. In this article, we'll cover some of the best golf apps for Android users.

Whether it's getting yardages on the course, help with your practice routine, or fun games - there are plenty of options now. Let's dig in!

Best Android App for On the Course


At its core, 18Birdies is a GPS app and one of the best free options available, giving accurate distances to the green from any position on over 40,000 courses worldwide. However, the Android app offers much more than that, making it the best option for the golf course.

The free version of 18Birdies also keeps score and tracks stats, allowing users to view their round history and see what areas they're improving. Additionally, for those who like to play side games with their foursome, the app can track bets for Skins, Wolf, and more. Off the course, 18Birdies also connects you in a golf-specific social network with other app users and offer sweepstakes and more.

In the Premium version, users gain additional functionality in the app, such as Caddy+ personalized club recommendations based on elevation, weather, and more. Shot tracking is also covered in the premium app, unlocking strokes-gained stats for users to compare their performance to other golfers. These premium features are available as a free trial once you sign up in the app and then for a monthly subscription.

Other Options

Besides 18Birdies, there are several other options for golf GPS and stat tracking. Most have both a free and paid tier.

The Grint

Golf Pad GPS

Swing U

Golf Shot

Best Android App for Practice

V1 Golf

Recording your swing is an absolute must for golfers looking to improve. The V1 Golf app offers tools and features to take analyzing these videos to the next level. Users can record HD video at up to 120 frames per second within the free version of the app, depending on their Android device. After recording, several drawing and measurement tools are available. For example, you can trace the swing plane at setup to see where your club is throughout the swing. Additionally, a limited number of swing models are available to compare your swing to in the free version.

The app's paid version offers additional features, such as a much more extensive library of swing videos from all the top pros. While comparing your own swing to pro swings might be of limited benefit, it is still interesting to see their swings in this way. The real help of the paid tools is the ability to compare your own swings, both with side-by-side slow-motion or frame-by-frame comparison and the ability to overlay two videos to pinpoint changes.

Beyond what you can do on your own with V1 Golf, it is also a powerful golf instruction tool. V1 has become the app of choice for thousands of golf instructors worldwide, giving students the ability to send their recordings directly to their coach and receive feedback all within the app. This type of instruction has grown significantly in recent years, offering a more cost-effective option to in-person lessons.

Other Options

While V1 Golf is designed for the game, there are other sports video recording apps with similar features.


Coach's Eye

Best Android Golf Game App

WGT Golf

WGT (World Golf Tour) has been the top online golf game for several years. With their mobile game, players can virtually experience Pebble Beach, Bandon Dunes, Chambers Bay, and St Andrews from the PGA Tour. Unlike some other golf game apps, WGT focuses on realism for the environment and the swing physics, using a swing input that is easy to pick up but difficult to master.

While the base game is free-to-play, players can also buy credits, which allow them to enter tournaments and build their bag with thousands of club options from real-life brands. Additional free tournaments are held throughout the year in conjunction with events like the US Open and are highly competitive.

While not available for Android yet, WGT has also partnered with SkyTrak to provide simulation for the launch monitor's "Play and Improve" subscription package allowing users to test their own swings in the WGT environment.

Other Options

If WGT isn’t your style for golf games, there are certainly other options, including a nostalgic favorite.

Golf Clash

Golden Tee Golf

The One Android App Every Golfer Should Have

USGA Official Rules of Golf (or R&A Rules of Golf)

One of the unique aspects of golf is each player's responsibility to hold themselves accountable to the rules. While tournaments and competitive play require strict adherence, there is something to be said for following the rules even within your regular game to experience the sport as it is meant to be experienced. That said, the rules of golf are very complex, so the USGA Official Rules of Golf app is an absolute must-have for any avid golfer.

Available for free, the app provides both the full Rules of Golf as well as the condensed "Player's Edition" written for golfers while playing. Rules and situations are easily searched, and most answers provide both explanations and visual aids where possible. In my opinion, knowing the rules tends to help you just as much as it might penalize you. For those who really want to dive in, the app also provides rules videos, topic overviews, FAQs, and rules quizzes to help you be prepared for any situation.

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