B.Draddy Review: Comfort, Style, and Versatility

I'm always on the hunt for clothes that can be worn on and off the golf course. It's tough for a company to find the right mix of design and fabrics to satisfy multiple scenarios - playing golf, going to work, or even for a more casual setting. One company that has caught my eye recently is B.Draddy. Their reputation has grown over the past few years with their polos, and they've also built an excellent selection of other lifestyle apparel.

After trying out a couple of their offerings, I was most impressed with the quality of the material they use. B.Draddy talks a lot about the great lengths they've gone to source their clothing, and the quality stood out to me when I put them on for the first time. Couple that with sharp, understated designs, and I am now a fan.

Versatile Polos

The cornerstone of any men's brand is their polos. I've searched far and wide and have found very few companies that can pull off a polo that can be worn on and off the golf course. Usually, the issue is that they look too much like a golf shirt to be worn to the office or out to dinner. Getting the materials right is also a challenge. Many of the fabrics used to make shirts comfortable while you play, as well as deal with the elements, don't often look great off the course (think of that polyester "shine").

B.Draddy has done a great job of designing polos that are versatile enough to be worn in any situation but also boasts the fabric quality to pull it off. Only a few other companies come to mind in this category - Linksoul, Criquet, and Tillinger.

They've chosen to go with a very soft Pima cotton with a bit of stretch built in. The shirt is lightweight and very comfortable to wear. It's not necessarily a golf shirt, but having played a few rounds with it, I would say most will be very happy with how it feels while you swing. Perhaps cotton might not be the best choice in extreme heat and humidity (I might defer to a performance blend in that scenario), but I don't think you'll have any issues wearing it while you play in most weather situations.

If you check out the B.Draddy polo selection, you'll see that most of their designs are relatively understated. They're not necessarily preppy, dressy, or casual, but I think you can dress them up or down depending on the environment you're in.

Overall, I came in with high hopes for their polo because of their reputation and was very pleased with the comfort and flexibility of the design.

Impressive Outerwear

I was never a vest guy, but over the past few years, I've grown to love them. The Lawrence Vest from B.Draddy is perhaps my favorite I've worn to date.

The vest is reversible, which gives you the option of having a navy or grey exterior (I prefer the navy set up since that's its intended orientation).

The inner layer is incredibly soft and provides plenty of warmth without being too bulky. When you first slip it on, you can immediately tell the difference between other vests, which generally feature one consistent material throughout. You can tell a lot of thought went into the design and material selection.

It fits perfectly for golf without being too cumbersome or tight. I would wear this vest as the weather gets colder. Best of all, nobody would ever know it's a golf vest or for one of the characters on Billions (I'm looking at you, finance bros).

B.Draddy does have a few other selections for colder weather with their quarter zips, sweaters, and jacket.

Golf and Beyond

I wouldn't call B.Draddy a golf apparel company. It's more of a lifestyle brand that has a bunch of stuff you can wear on the golf course. I've had an obsession with Linksoul over the last few years because their clothes are so versatile, and I think B.Draddy has done an excellent job of creating a similar type of clothing (although completely different style) that fits into every part of your life.

They've got some of the best fabric blends I've tried out so far, and I like the subtlety and versatility of their designs. So if you're OK spending a little extra money on a premium brand, they are a worthy option.

I've also got a bonus for you! Since B.Draddy is a member of the Summit Brands family, all Practical Golf readers can get 25% off their purchase using code PG25 at checkout. You can visit their website here.

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