101 Mistakes All Golfers Make

I racked my brain for a few days and came up with the definitive list of 101 mistakes that all golfers are making. I estimate I have done about 80-90% of these at some point!

1) Stands over the ball too long before a shot

2) Aims at a general area instead of picking a specific target

3) Steps up to a shot without a plan

4) Worries about what their playing partners think of their game

5) Gets to the top of their swing nice and smooth, and too quick of a transition to the downswing

6) Doesn't take enough club

7) Changes their swing too often

8) Loses focus after a bad shot

9) Bought that new cologne from the PGA Tour

10) Aims at the pin more than they should

11) Decelerates on chips, pitches, and putts out of fear

12) Forgets that 18 holes is a LONG time, and that things won’t go your way the whole round

13) Loses confidence in their game because of one bad round

14) Thinks that a new club will solve their woes

15) Tries to emulate what the pros do on TV

16) Thinks they have to hit the ball farther to score lower

17) Doesn't have a pre-shot routine

18) Fidgets with their stance before they swing, and loses their target line

19) Thinks the term "course management" is a job title

20) Doesn’t practice with purpose

21) Would rather try to work on their driver than their wedges

22) Never read a book about golf

23) Does not take into consideration pace of play

24) Worries more about how their swing looks rather than the results it produces

25) Thinks the path to breaking 100 and 90 is through pars and birdies

26) Tries to incorporate a different “tip” into their game too often

27) Hasn't bought any of the cool products in my store yet

28) Plays lofted shots way too often in their short game

29) Professes that they have the game “figured out"

30) Has frequent temper tantrums on the course

31) Chooses a club based on the yardage of their best strike, not their average

32) Plays irons that are not forgiving enough for their game

33) Doesn’t replace their grips at least once a year

34) Forgets how wind and elevation change can alter club selection

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35) Does not focus on speed for longer putts

36) Forgets to enjoy themselves on the golf course

37) Isn’t realistic with the kinds of shots they are capable of hitting

38) Would rather thread the ball through a tree than pitch out into the fairway

39) Distracts their playing partners while they swing

40) Strives to hit great shots rather than limiting the bad ones

41) Thinks the driver is the only club they can hit off the tee

42) Thinks Johnny Miller is a good announcer

43) Never shifts their weight back to their lead foot on their downswing

44) Plays the ball too far up in their stance on pitches/chips

45) Spends too much time on the driving range, and not enough time on the course

46) Has never taken a lesson from a certified teaching professional

47) Is worried more about their score than they are about the process of lowering it

48) Takes too long of a backswing on all shots

49) Swings with all arms, and doesn’t rotate from the hips

50) Plays a ball that spins too much for their game

51) Constantly changes putters

52) Doesn’t repair their pitch marks on the green

53) Considers a club in their bag an enemy

54) Isn’t taking advantage of GPS or Rangefinder technology

55) Has not replaced longer irons with a hybrid

56) Rides in a cart all of the time

57) Does not have multiple wedges in their bag

58) Keeps playing golf even though they hate it

59) Sweeps at the ball with their irons instead of hitting down on it

60) Lifts their head up too quickly on chips and putts

61) Swings harder into a headwind rather than smoother

62) Scoops the ball with their chips rather than maintaining wrist angle

63) Thinks they are owed a good shot

64) Gets fooled by headlines that promise easy fixes to their game

65) Tries to copy Rory McIlroy’s & Adam Scott’s swings

66) Never takes a golf trip with friends

67) Convinces themselves the shot wasn’t going to work out before swinging

68) Rushes up to their ball without giving any thought to their shot

69) Doesn’t protect their skin with sunscreen or hats

70) Worries about the next hole before they even get there

71) Doesn’t read my blog

72) Never watches the Golf Channel

73) Tees the ball up way too high

74) Tries to chase a score rather than letting the game come to them shot by shot

75) Gives up on a round way too soon

76) Stands too close, or far away from the ball at address

77) Plays golf for any other reason than loving the game

78) Gets too excited about a great hole, only to lose focus on the next one

79) Gets too upset about a bad hole, only to lose focus on the next one

80) Never plays a scramble, or other team format with friends

81) Hasn’t been to a PGA Tour event

82) Plays from tees that are too far for their game

83) Doesn’t open their club face in the sand and use the bounce of the wedge

84) Takes the game too seriously, and forgets to have fun

85) Lets their troubles on the course carry over to the rest of their day

86) Plays with a shaft that is too stiff for their swing speed

87) Doesn’t warm up before a round

88) Blames everything but themselves for a shot not working out

89) Gives themselves 4-foot putts

90) Grips the club too tightly

91) Doesn't chat with their playing partners, even if they are strangers

92) Doesn't try to pass the game down to the next generation

93) Is not obsessed with Jordan Spieth

94) Believes what works in other sports will translate to golf

95) Thinks there is only one right way to play a shot

96) Never practices at home

97) Spends too much time reading a putt

98) Doesn’t review their rounds to figure out where they should be spending practice time

99) Tries to swing with power at the expense of tempo and balance

100) Hasn't placed a friendly wager with friends during a round

101) Can't smells the roses, and realize playing golf is a privilege not a chore!

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