Volvik Golf Balls Review: How Do Colored Golf Balls Perform?

Over the last few years, colored golf balls have become extremely popular. Volvik has become one of the most notable brands offering colored balls, and I recently tested out a few of their offerings.

I think most golfers (including myself) may assume that a golf ball that doesn't look traditional might not perform as well, but I collected some interesting data on my launch monitor that suggests otherwise.

Volvik's Colorful Rise

It's getting harder and harder to stand out in the golf ball industry. Titleist remains the most popular name with other major manufacturers like Callaway, TaylorMade, Bridgestone and several others spending big marketing dollars to grab their share of the market.

Additionally, the direct-to-consumer revolution has more and more golfers purchasing balls directly at a lower cost from companies like Snell Golf and Vice Golf.

Volvik has decided to go a different path with their marketing. They have a considerable presence in the growing world of long drive competitions. Additionally, you'll see many LPGA tour players using their balls. The one thing that sets them apart is that their balls are usually not white, but all kinds of vibrant shades of yellow, orange, blue, pink and several other colors.

When you think of color, golfers usually think of Volvik. However, can a yellow or orange ball perform just as well as a white one?

Test Results

Volvik has an extensive selection of golf balls. You can use their ball fitting tool to find out which ones are appropriate for your game. For me, it was going to be either the S3 or S4 based on my swing speed. The S3 is a 3-piece urethane ball while the S4 is a 4-piece ball with a little higher compression.

When testing golf balls I usually like to see how they spin with a full wedge swing, and then with a driver. This is a good indication of how versatile they are. Golfers have come to expect a premium ball that will have plenty of spin around the greens, but not too much with your longer clubs.

So I took my launch monitor and compared the Volvik S3 and S4 versus the Titleist Pro V1.

You can see that both Volvik balls performed very well with my Sand Wedge against the Pro V1. If I had to choose one, I would take the S4 since it has a little more zip.

With my driver I started to see a little more difference between the two:

The S4 is the better ball for me. The results were almost identical to the Pro V1. I lost some ball speed with the S3, so the clear winner overall for my swing would be the S4.

Overall, I'm very impressed. If I put the S4 into play, I would see virtually no difference in performance versus the Pro V1. This has been a reoccurring theme I have seen with plenty of other premium golf ball brands. Almost every golf ball manufacturer has figured out how to create a golf ball that does everything you want it to do.

Wrapping It Up

While I wasn't shocked, my test showed that you can have vibrant colors on your golf ball and still expect the same results from other premium brands. Additionally, it might save you some strokes on the course since your ball will be easier to find!

Overall, I'm very impressed with Volvik's premium offerings. They also have a variety of other models to choose from on their website.

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