Understanding Shot Patterns and Targets

Golfers at all levels struggle with making optimal decisions when it comes to target selection. One of the main reasons this occurs is that players are not taught to think their way around the course when they are first taking up the game. Most of that time and attention is spent learning the mechanics of the golf swing.

Shot dispersion, and how it applies to picking the right targets, is one of my favorite subjects in golf. On the surface, it might seem a bit boring and bland, but wrapping your head around dispersion is essential if you want to become a better golfer. In this article, I'll be sharing a video with you that ties together a lot of valuable information.

Why Dispersion Matters So Much

Ever since I started Practical Golf, one of the core topics I have tried to remind golfers of is having a strong understanding of what kinds of shots they can expect on the course. The rewards are usually twofold - happier golfers who shoot lower scores.

When I wrote this article showing my shot patterns with various clubs, many readers had a very positive response and told me how much of an eye-opener it was. For me, it was also an important reminder of why picking smart targets on the course can save strokes in the long run.

Scott Fawcett, the creator of DECADE Golf, is perhaps one of the best communicators in the coaching world when it comes to this subject. He's allowed me to share another video from his DECADE Foundations app (you can watch the first video here).

I encourage you to take 13 minutes out of your day to watch it:

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Some professional golfers have gone their entire careers without learning this basic concept (trust me, I've seen the proof). No matter what level of player you are, understanding this fundamental truth about golf can be a complete game-changer.

Learn More Foundations

Typically, I don't recommend many digital products. If you're interested in purchasing DECADE Foundations, I've arranged for a $25 discount for Practical Golf readers using this link (no coupon code necessary). Instead of $99.99 for six months, you can get it for $75.

Here is a visual representation of how the content will be given to you over six months:

A lot of Practical Golf readers have signed up already, and I think if you take the time to put into practice what you learn, you're going to see great results on your scorecard.

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