The Ultimate Wedge Practice Drill

You never get the same shot twice in a row on a golf course (unless you just put one out of bounds). Therefore, it’s probably a good idea to practice different shots in succession on the range. This is exactly why I came up with my wedge test, and it has me hitting more precise wedge shots than I ever have before.

The most important part of your wedge game is distance control. Since you are much closer to the hole, the direction of your shots won’t be as far off target as a longer club like a 5-iron. The focus of this kind of practice is making sure you have your distances honed in.

One way to achieve distance control is to hit a bunch of wedges at a specific target over and over again, until your body starts to “feel” that distance. This is only the first part of the equation though.

When you keep hitting the same shot you eventually get dialed in, and are not experiencing the reality of being on the course, which is being faced with different distances throughout your round.

Enter the Wedge Test.

The test has 5 questions, or shots. Here they are:

These are pretty much all of the shots you have to master to have a killer short game, and to guarantee yourself lower scores out there. If you can pass this test with reasonable accuracy, and distance control, it will do more for your game than being able to hit your driver long and straight. That’s nice too of course!

Next time you are on the range give this a try, and keep doing it over and over again with different targets. Make it a game, and see if you can hit your imaginary target 5 out of 5 times. This will give you a true gauge of how well you can execute each of these shots, and will dictate which ones you should be working on more.

Don’t get frustrated at first, this isn’t an easy drill! Take your time between each shot, and really think about what you are trying to do just like you would be on the course (hopefully). Go through a pre-shot routine, and try to put some pressure on yourself to hit the target.

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