The Ultimate Practice Game...for Your Short Game

I've got some interesting stuff coming down the line for Practical Golf, and a lot of it is going to be focused on how golfers can practice more effectively.

There are two things that are missing from most golfers' practice routines:

  1. Fun
  2. Focus

That is why playing games are such a great way to spice up your sessions. They give purpose, add pressure, and best of all develop real skills that you can bring out on the course.

I've been collaborating with a lot of great teachers lately behind the scenes, and one game in particular keeps coming up that I want to share with you all. If you have access to a practice green where you can chip and putt you MUST play it!

It's challenging, and will get your short game in proper order if you continually play it.

Par 18

It's quite simple, Par 18 goes like this...

Select 9 different spots you are going to chip/pitch from around the green, these are your "holes". Your goal is to get up and down each time, and make a par 2.

One shot each time, no practices or anything. Score 18 and you are a legend.

Keep playing this game, and take note of your score each time. Your goal is to beat last week's session.


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