SuperSpeed Golf Offers 2 Years of Training Protocols For Golfers Looking to Increase Their Swing Speed

SuperSpeed Golf has become one of the most popular golf training aids in the past few years. I tested it when it first came out, and since then have used it to help generate more speed in my swing. A lot of readers of the site have become interested in their Overspeed Training system, and want to know more about their training methods.

Recently, SuperSpeed added a bunch of new protocols to its training library. It allows golfers to continue training for almost two years. There is a lot of research behind the exercises, and I'll highlight a few details behind their core drills.

Drill 1: Step-Change

The step-change drill is one of the fundamental exercises to develop more speed with SuperSpeed clubs. I've done it many times in their level 1 training protocols.

Here is a video showing how it works:

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The benefits of the step-change include:

  • Helps transfer pressure to the golfer's lead side before the backswing has finished, which is a common tendency seen in faster golfers
  • Rotates the hips first, followed by the torso, leading arm, and then the club. This represents a very efficient kinematic sequence seen in more skilled (and faster) golfers

Common tendencies are:

  • The most common mistake for players is stepping out too late. When players step out too late, the upper body tends to take over, and it cannot produce nearly as much speed as it would if working with the hips and lower body together. Cueing to step out sooner, even before you finish the backswing, is a great way to time the stepping out motion properly.
  • Another mistake is golfers stepping out too far. Get too wide with your stance width, and your hips cannot rotate properly, which causes reductions in speed. Be aware of how far you’re stepping out and reduce the distance if it is further than your standard driver stand width.

Drill 2: Kneeling

The kneeling drill is one of the new exercises in the SuperSpeed library. You start with your knees positioned directly under your hips, press the club forward slightly, then swing back and through aggressively.

It's important to note that your swing speed will be about 20% less than standing swings.

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The benefits of the kneeling drill include:

  • Relying solely on the upper body to produce speed. By eradicating the ground component, you are teaching your torso rotational speed to increase.
  • It improves rotational sequencing and wrist mechanics (two of the three core components of speed)
  • Helps players who are too reliant on the ground and don't have proper upper-body sequencing

Common tendencies:

  • Some players have their knees too wide apart. This stabilizes the hips and prevents them from rotating the way they are supposed to. As a result, it can place too much stress on neighboring joints and the lower back. Ensure your knees are hip-width apart and keep readjusting them throughout the protocol.

A common question is how to modify the kneeling drill for older golfers, or those who might feel pain or discomfort. Instead, you can place your feet together using the following drill:

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Also, since the kneeling drill is a more advanced protocol, golfers should wait until they have completed protocol one training before doing this exercise.

Drill 3: Heel-Stomp

The heel-stomp drill has gained in popularity over the last year, particularly on professional tours. It's part of the level 4 training

You start in normal golf posture, then press the club forwards slightly, swing the club back lifting the lead heel, start your downswing and stomp into the ground with the lead heel, and then swing through aggressively. Here is a video of the heel-stomp drill:

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The benefits include:

  • Increased vertical force in the leading side of the body
  • Helps hips start the downswing sequence first (another tendency seen in players with speed)
  • Increases backswing rotation

Common tendencies:

  • Many golfers stomp too late, which indicates that the hips haven't rotated enough

Two Years of Training Available

If you're interested in learning more about all of the training protocols from SuperSpeed, you can check this page out. For golfers who are serious about wanting to increase their swing speed, and are willing to put the work in, I believe this is the best system available. There are a lot of other products on the market, but many of them are quite gimmicky and don't work. So beware of a lot of the claims out there!

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