Sundog Eyewear Review: A Great Value for Your Eyes

Sunglasses are extremely important to me on the golf course. I have an issue with glare, so I wear them pretty much every time I play, whether it’s cloudy or sunny. I wanted to find a pair that was more specific to golf, and this year I’ve been wearing a pair from a company called Sundog sunglasses.

The pair that I had been previously wearing on the course from Bolle are more of a casual/athletic fit. They are polarized and offer great protection from the sun, but I found the lens to be a bit too dark. I often have to take them off before I hit a shot, and I wanted to find a pair that I could keep on throughout the whole round.

If you do any research into golf sunglasses you’ll see that they range from insanely expensive all the way down to very cheap. Oakley seems to be the standard out there for premium glasses. You’ll see most professional golfers wearing them. At up to $200 a pair that might be a worthwhile investment if you’re playing for a living, but for the rest of us that might be a little too rich for our blood.

The pair I have from Sundog sunglasses retail for $69.99, and feature a proprietary lens technology called TrueBlue that seeks to filter out harmful ultraviolet rays while providing a clear viewing experience.

I think they are a great product for good value that can help golfers looking for protection from the sun during their round.

Let’s take a closer look.


Sundog sunglasses offers a wide variety of sunglasses for various sports or casual wear. If you check out their site all of their glasses are in the $50 - $80 range, which is very reasonable for polarized sunglasses, or in their case with the True Blue technology on certain models.

The pair I am wearing are the Prime Ext TrueBlue. It’s more in line with most of the golf sunglasses out there in terms of design.

Would I wear them personally outside the golf course? Probably not, but that’s just a matter of taste.

Overall I think they are a nice looking pair of golf sunglasses, and can compliment your wardrobe on the course (if that is important to you).

Personally, I was more concerned with their comfort and most importantly, the lens itself.

Clear as day

When I first put on the glasses I had a “wow that’s nice” moment. The TrueBlue lens gives a subtle amber tint to everything, and gives a feeling of clarity to your overall vision. It’s not overpowering, and things feel a bit enhanced. It’s almost like you’re seeing things in high definition.

TrueBlue blocks all UVA and UVB rays, and also filters out the dangerous blue portion of the light spectrum. This protects your eyes, and gives a much more pleasurable viewing experience when outside in the sun. For more information on the technology itself, you can view their website.

My other sunglasses have a much heavier tint on them, so it was a stark contrast to what I was used to. So while my other glasses might be a bit more powerful at reducing the direct glare from the sun, they made most of my view on the course a bit too dim. I think you’ll find this can be the case with many sunglasses that are not specifically designed for golfers.

That’s where I think the lens from Sundog sunglasses really excels. It allows you to keep them on during the whole round because it filters out significant glare without impairing the clarity of your vision. For a golfer I believe that’s very important.

When I’m standing over the ball or reading a putt, I often would take my other sunglasses off. After playing about 7-8 rounds with the Sundog’s I found myself leaving them on almost the entire round.

I played in both cloudy and sunny conditions, and in both instances I was extremely happy with how the lens handled each circumstance. If you are someone who prefers to wear your sunglasses for most of the round I think you’ll be more than satisfied with a lens like this.

Light, but Not Flimsy

Another critical element of a pair of glasses for a golfer are ones that are not going to feel like you’re even wearing them (if that makes sense).

A lot of athletic sunglasses have very thick frames, don’t have much flexibility, and can get uncomfortable after wearing them for 5-6 hours. I found that to be the case with my Bolle’s. Towards the end of rounds the sides of my head would hurt a bit, which is the combination of having a larger than normal head and sunglasses that didn’t have any flexibility.

Additionally, you don’t want the frames of your glasses to impact your vision at all on the golf course. The relationship between a golfer's eyes and the ball are very important.

The Sundogs do a solid job of solving all of these issues. They are lightweight, flexible, and the lens does not have any kind of frame on the bottom. My entire line of site is unobstructed, and they’re more than comfortable to keep on for the entire round.

Wrapping It Up - Why I Love Sundog Sunglasses

For $69.99 the Sundog Prime glasses with the TrueBlue lens are a fine pair of glasses you can bring out on the golf course. They will protect your eyes and offer a clear, unobstructed view of the course in almost any light. They have a pretty wide offering of styles at reasonable prices, and I think golfers should give them a look before going into the $100+ category.

You can purchase them directly from Sundog sunglasses here.

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