Sunday Golf Loma Bag Review: A Walking Companion Perfected

If possible, golf is a game best experienced by walking. Even if you can’t manage a full eighteen, there are still great experiences to be had walking a quick nine or taking advantage of a local Par-3 or Executive track. Usually, this type of play doesn’t require a full set of fourteen clubs, so having a small “Sunday bag” to toss a few clubs into is ideal. This brings us to Sunday Golf, a growing indie brand centered on this type of casual play and its main product, the Loma bag. In this review, we’ll look through the Loma bag’s features and then how it worked for me out on the course to decide if it really is the ideal Sunday bag.

About the Sunday Golf Loma Bag

Most Sunday bags are simple, unstructured fabric tubes with a couple of pockets and a strap. Just enough to hold a few balls and clubs.

The Loma bag immediately stands out from these with a few key features. First, it has a rigid structure and stand-legs to keep it (and your clubs) up off the ground. Additionally, with a full-length club divider and an array of purposefully-designed pockets, the Loma bag is designed to securely hold a few clubs and much more. These pockets include an insulated pouch for keeping beverages cold and a soft-lined valuables pocket. Even with these features, the bag still comes in at just 31” long and under 2 pounds, much smaller and lighter than any standard bag, and can easily live in the trunk of the car until it is needed.

My Experience with the Loma Bag

I had two immediate thoughts when I pulled the Loma bag out of the box; first, that it was even smaller than I pictured, and second that it looked terrific.

The first thought is not necessarily a negative for this type of bag because as long as it can meet the need, smaller and lighter is better. The bag’s looks definitely warrant more discussion because there is no question that the Loma bag was designed to look great out on the course.

Most Sunday bags are designed to be cheap and functional, with few other features. Conversely, the Loma bag seems made to fit right in on an Instagram feed, and it can definitely attract a few comments out on the Par-3 course or at the driving range.

My home club is a short course, under 6000 yards from the back tees, but very hilly. Since I always walk, I was definitely looking forward to playing light with the bag. The Sunday Golf site says the Loma bag can fit “up to eight clubs,” so that’s what I tried the first time I took it out. While it did hold all eight clubs successfully, it was too tight, and the clubs didn’t slide in and out of the bag easily with so little room.

Eventually, I found the bag’s sweet spot to be six clubs, seven wood, seven and nine iron, approach and lob wedge, and putter. This gave me the clubs I needed to reasonably get around the course from the front tees without overloading the bag. In fact, I really enjoyed playing with such a reduced set, and it’s something I would recommend to anyone to change up their regular golfing routine. Playing from the front tees as well allowed me to experience the course in a slightly different way, so it’s something I’ll continue to do in the future.

The Loma bag itself definitely helped make these rounds such an enjoyable experience. It held everything I needed and was comfortable through eighteen holes without an issue. I also appreciate the little features, like the fabric strip to stick your glove’s velcro and the tee holder. Additionally, the Loma bag’s single strap can be attached to loops on different sides of the bag, so you can have the clubs pointed in whichever direction you prefer when it is on your shoulder.

That said, there are a few potential negatives to note with the bag, particularly with its size. At just 31” long, a standard men’s driver is going to have around 14” of the shaft plus the clubhead sticking out from the top, making it a bit awkward if you want to carry this club. Also, having long, heavy clubs in the bag could make the bag a bit top-heavy and hard to balance on your shoulder. A few sleeves of balls and a water bottle in the bottom pouches definitely balance the weight out, but if you start running out of those late in the round, it could impact how the bag feels to carry.

Lastly, it’s important to note that I use standard-sized grips and recently switched to a standard size pistol grip on my putter as well. If I used midsize grips or still played a jumbo grip putter, this would have made a tighter fit for six clubs. A possible solution is to get a putter clip to hold that club outside the bag if you play an oversized grip on it.

The last thing to note about the Loma bag is the price. At $99, it is one of the more expensive Sunday bag options. While a few boutique and name-branded bags out there cost more, traditional Sunday bags can easily be found for less than half that price.

That leaves an obvious question, is it worth it?


For me, the Sunday Golf Loma bag is most definitely worth the $99 price tag. As someone who would use the bag several times a week, the Loma’s additional functionality over traditional Sunday bags more than justifies the extra expense. On top of that, the bag seems well-constructed (backed by a 99-year warranty) and looks fantastic. There are several independent brands in golf these days, including ones profiled on this site trying to bring a look and feel to the game that can resonate with a modern generation of golfers. I’m happy that Sunday Golf has brought this outlook to their take on the Sunday bag and produced one that checks every box for form and function.

I look forward to continuing to use the bag regularly for a while to come. Also, if you are interested in other lightweight, full-size golf bags, you can check out my guide here.

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