The Strike Plan Review - Real Information for Your Swing

Adam Young has been making waves in the instructional world over the last couple of years with a unique style of teaching that I have come to wholeheartedly support. He recently launched an online video series called the Strike Plan, and I think it can help golfers of all levels.

Adam's book The Practice Manual has become one of the most popular golf books on the planet, and for good reason. It peels the layers back on what it actually takes to improve at golf using the latest scientific research, and offers his insights as a teacher who thinks differently than most.

You might have seen some of his posts on the site because I think Adam has a great way of changing golfers' perceptions, and getting them to think differently about the game.

Adam recently released a video series called the Strike Plan. It’s a culmination of all of the work he has been doing over the last decade, and I recently got a chance to look through his new online video course.

Skills, not Techniques

I’m very impressed with what I’ve seen, mainly because Adam is not trying to get you to swing a golf club a specific way. He doesn’t want your hands to reach a certain position, or use any of the intensely technical information you might have seen on the golf swing.

Adam uses functional drills to promote skill training, not technique training. And there’s a huge difference.

By focusing on skills around the strike, or as many call it the moment of truth, he seeks to make things less complex for the everyday golfer.

In one video he states:

There are no perfect mechanics, our swing is effectively a soup of infinitely moving varying parts. It’s our brains' jobs to organize all of these movements, and our brains operate better with a global goal.

In other words, you can’t swing a golf club effectively by thinking about 5 different swing thoughts. However, it can work more efficiently if given a simple task like trying to brush a blade of grass in a certain spot.

Simple Thoughts, the Kind I Like!

That is the beauty of the Strike Plan. Adam first shows golfers the complexity of the golf swing, and then goes completely backwards to a more basic task.

By learning to control certain concepts such as the low point of your swing, you can accomplish many of complexities of the golf swing that come prior to impact.

Simply put, Adam wants you to “get obsessed with the task, not the technique.” I’ve seen this work myself in my own swing. When you can shift your focus away from the mechanics, it allows your brain and body to do its job, and not get in the way of that.

The videos are extremely interesting, and will get you thinking completely differently about the golf swing through the use of his creative visuals. More importantly, he gives golfers functional swing drills that can be used at home or at the practice range.

I’ve seen a lot of swing videos come and go, but I think you’ll find this one is different from them all, but in a good way.

Purchase the Strike Plan

The Strike Plan is being offered for $59.99 on Adam’s website here. You can view a brief trailer below...

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