Small Bets, Big Returns

Here are 8 small bets you can make on your golf game. These all have the potential for huge returns in handicap reduction.

But more importantly, they are not going to make you worse!

1) Skill-based practice

Challenging yourself to:

  • Strike different parts of the face
  • Start the ball in different directions and trajectories
  • Curve the ball

It helps build reference points in your swing and allows for on-course adjustments.

2) Learning Optimal Strategy

  • Read Every Shot Counts by Mark Broadie
  • Learn DECADE
  • Read The Four Foundations of Golf

Once you understand the rules and make smarter decisions, most players drop several strokes from their handicap immediately.

3) Upgrade your body

  • Lift weights
  • Work on mobility
  • Swing speed training

This has been one of the biggest outsized returns in my game over the past few years.

4) Meditation and Breathing Exercises

Learning to calm your mind and find your breath on the golf course is a superpower.

I truly believe it has helped me take my game to the next level, especially in tournaments. You can listen to our latest episode of The Sweet Spot for some ideas.

5) Manage Your Expectations

You constantly see me posting stats and stories to help you learn to accept the truth about scoring ability and how golf actually works.

That's why the first section of my book is usually the one that changes most golfers' games for the better!

6) Custom Clubfitting

Instead of going out and purchasing off the rack based on marketing claims, invest in custom clubfitting.

If you can get it right the first time, your clubs should last you a long time (irons 10 years, driver 5+ years) without making a change.

7) Learn Aimpoint (or any other system)

I spent 2 1/2 hours learning how to read greens with AimPoint 6 years ago.

Probably the best investment of my time I've ever made.

8) Literally bet with your friends

Adding a small layer of pressure is a great way to test your game and build experience.

Then, "normal" rounds don't feel as daunting when you close out a Nassau to take $20 off your buddies!

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