Rhoback Performance Polo Review: They Nailed It!

One of my goals with product reviews on this site is to let you know about smaller, independent companies making superior products. Recently, I came across a company named Rhoback who manufactures performance polos out of Virginia. Initially, their designs caught my eye, and when I read a little bit more about their shirts, I had to try one out on the golf course.

Overall, I've been unimpressed with the quality of golf shirts that are available from mainstream companies. The materials don't hold up, aren't entirely comfortable, and the styles can be a bit boring. Many are overpriced as well.

After wearing the Rhoback performance polo several times on the golf course, I would tell anyone that wants a little bit more out of the traditional polo shirt to give them a look. You can also find them on my list of the best golf shirts.

Born From an Active Lifestyle

Rhoback gets its name (and logo) from the Rhodesian Ridgeback, which is an African hunting dog that is in perpetual motion.

The founders of the company wanted to create a shirt that could hold up to multiple activities: tennis, paddleboarding, golf, or just hanging out. On top of that, it had to look stylish.

Their polos are built to withstand the heat and sun. The moisture-wicking performance fabric is soft, has plenty of stretch to it, built-in sun protection (UPF 40-50+), and an "anti-bacon collar" that keeps its shape.

You can watch this short video from the company to find out a little more to their story:

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My Impressions of the Polo

I'll cut straight to the chase - I wore the Fairway Boy polo from Rhoback for several rounds, and it's easily one of my favorite shirts I've worn.

First off, I love the style. Typically, I'm not into the striped look, but I like how Rhoback shirts look. It evokes more of a preppy look, which I don't always go for, but I think it works even if that's not your chosen style.

I would also say the shirt lives up to the performance hype. I wore it on several humid Long Island days (anyone from here knows how uncomfortable they can be). The shirt is light, very "stretchy," and holds up well on days where you are going to sweat a bit more. If you are looking for a shirt that won't inhibit your swing, and stand up to a hot and sticky day, you will be pleased with Rhoback.

Lastly, the collar does hold its shape very well. Many of my golf shirts have lost their form after several washes, but these keep a fresh look.

As you can tell, I love this shirt! It was nice to see it hold up to the claims on their website. At $79, their polos fall into the premium category. I think you are getting plenty of value compared to shirts sold at pro shops at similar price points.

If you are looking for a great polo shirt that you can wear on and off the course, I recommend taking a look at their offerings.

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