PXG 0211 Review: A Wallet-Friendly Option from PXG?

It's been over six years since Bob Parsons created PXG. In that time, what once might have been considered a novelty is now an established player in the golf equipment space. Through several generations, PXG club lines have featured eye-popping designs and incredible performance claims. Both of those were featured prominently in the original Practical Golf review of PXG irons.

There was always one catch with PXG, however. They were expensive—that original set of irons sold for well over $2000. Trying to fill a whole bag with PXG offerings would cost more than double that. That type of price point was simply out of reach for the average golfer.

Now, that catch might not exist anymore. It started to change in 2019 when PXG introduced the original 0211 irons at a very competitive price point. This year brought not only new 0211 irons but also a driver, woods, and hybrids. All for the lowest price PXG has ever released clubs at. With the 2021 0211 line, a golfer can now get a set of PXG clubs from the driver through lob wedge for less than the original irons alone.

That brings up the question; do the 0211 clubs perform? After all, PXG was built on the promise of exceptional performance. We'll look at the full 0211 line with this review. Let's decide if this is a misstep for the PXG or a real opportunity to open up the brand to a much broader audience.

Introducing the 2021 PXG 0211 Line

In PXG's own press release, they recognize the perception they've created as a "brand in service to well-heeled golfers and those who desired to own the finest equipment."

However, they go on to state that PXG has long believed that golfers at every level and every budget deserve to play with the world's finest clubs. This belief, coupled with recent learnings, strengthened the company's resolve to find a new way to deliver obscenely good performance at an unexpected new price.

"It has always been PXG's mission to develop the world's finest golf equipment, and the PXG 2021 0211 Collection is no exception," said PXG founder and CEO Bob Parsons. "0211s are an easy choice for players who simply want a sexy set of clubs that deliver unbelievable performance at a price you wouldn't expect – certainly not from us."

The concept of the 0211 collection as a "sexy set of clubs" is inescapable on the PXG site. The marketing features "The Science of Sexy" with a periodic table-like set of performance promises. These include "Crazy Distance," "Smoking Hot Looks," and "Unbelievable Forgiveness." Beyond the buzzwords, PXG promises these clubs still meet the exacting standards they have always set for their brand. PXG says the cost reflects their evolving technologies and manufacturing processes, not a compromise on quality.

The PXG Experience

Part of the PXG brand from the beginning has been "the PXG experience." This term encompasses the care and personalized attention PXG has traditionally given its customers. So my first question regarding the 0211 collection was if a lower price would result in a lessened experience.

In short, no, it didn't. I worked with Cole from PXG on my fitting. He took me through several shaft options to optimize my Trackman numbers and fit my personal preferences. I'm confident that this is the same level of attention I would have received even if purchasing one of PXG's higher-cost options.

A professional fitter helps the club-buying experience. Even if you are only going to go with stock options, there are still different shafts to consider and loft & lie considerations. Considering that PXG only charges $50 for this service, I believe it's essential to getting the most out of your clubs.

Another part of the PXG experience is when the clubs arrive at your door. Instead of a non-descript brown box, PXG clubs have come in a much sleeker package. This is no different for the 0211 clubs. It might seem like a small thing to have a black, branded box instead of a brown one, but it still adds something to the Christmas-morning feeling that unboxing a new set can give.

With the initial impressions passed, it's time to add the clubs to the bag and see how they perform.

PXG 0211 in Action

For performance, I'll look at each of the club types individually. Overall, however, I will say that these are good-looking golf clubs. Cosmetically, the only glaring difference between the 0211s and other PXG clubs is the absence of the distinctive tungsten screws.

In all honesty, I was never a fan of the looks of the screws personally. The clean, modern design aspects of these clubs suited my eye just fine.

0211 Irons

As mentioned, PXG first tested the waters of a "value set" of clubs with the original 0211 irons back in 2019. While these clubs were generally well-received, there was still likely room for improvement with the 2021 release.

The 0211 irons feature the stainless steel, hollow-body design that has become common for the "players distance" category of clubs. Inside the steel, PXG has added what they call the "DualCore System," with two types of polymer fillers progressively through the set to improve distance and feel. The irons are available from 4-LW and feature both progressive offset and bounce throughout the set.

Overall Performance

The 0211 irons are impressive. This was true in the initial fit and on the course. I'll own up to being an inconsistent ball-striker, but these irons have produced decent shots all over the face. I draw the ball naturally, with my miss being a hook, so the progressive offset in the lower irons might be a tad too much for me. It's nothing unplayable, however, and certainly a fair trade for the forgiveness these clubs provide.

Who Should Play the 0211 Irons

That offset is one of several design features that show the 0211s target the golfing populace's largest segment. They can definitely serve a high-single-digit handicap like me but still meet the needs of mid-to-high handicappers.

For pure ball-strikers, the 0211 irons likely won't provide the feel or workability they desire. The strong lofts (now fairly standard for hollow-body irons) might be a turn-off for lower handicaps as well. However, the clubs can be ordered in one or two degrees weaker lofts if this is a sticking point. I'll also mention that PXG offers the 0211 3X forged blade irons. While more expensive than the DualCore set, they are still very competitively priced compared to other forged blades.

The irons are available at a stated MSRP of $179 per club. PXG seems to run frequent specials, bringing that price down (as of this writing) to $99 per club. Even at the full price, I'd say the irons provide decent performance to price. However, at the discounted price, I believe you'd struggle to find a better new club at a lower cost.

While they certainly won't suit every golfer, the 0211 irons should certainly be tested by most looking for a new set.

0211 Hybrids and Fairway Woods

The hybrid has become an indispensable part of the bag for many golfers in recent years. The lack of a dedicated hybrid option with the original 0211 irons might have been a factor holding some back from trying them out. That potential issue is resolved with the current collection, however, with a robust hybrid selection of 19°, 22°, 25°, and 28° heads.

In general, my experience with the 0211 hybrids is very similar to that of the irons. The hybrid has a clean look that sets up very nicely behind the ball and is very easy to hit. While it might not wind up being the longest hybrid out there, the forgiveness and ability to get the ball up in the air should be the more important factor.

The specific call out for the 0211 hybrids, though, is the fact that they are adjustable. This feature isn't all that common to hybrids at similar price points, so it's definitely something to note. Adding and subtracting 1.5 degrees of loft allows you to fine-tune the ball flight and find what you need to fill in gaps at the top of the bag. This is another factor in favor of getting fit for the clubs as well, as the fitter can help you find the ideal settings for the results you want.

As for the fairway woods, the same descriptions still apply. Available in 3, 5, and 7-wood options, the clubs are fairly long and very forgiving. The adjustability is there as well. In my case, I've always struggled to get a 3 wood up in the air off the deck. Through my fitting, though, we found that the 5-wood lofted down to 16.5 degrees produced a consistent flight with enough distance separation from my hybrid to make it worth a spot in the bag.

On the one hand, these aren't the cheapest clubs you can buy. They are available at $225 for the fairway wood and $189 for the hybrid. There is a ton of value to be found in the adjustability, however. While I wouldn't consider the hybrid and fairway wood to be the standout performers of this review, they certainly won't disappoint by any means.

0211 Wedges

Wedges might be the one "let down" with the 0211 collection. The wedges are an extension of the DualCore irons and not really in their own category. This means they are a game-improvement club, but really that shouldn't be a bad thing for the majority of golfers out there. On full swings especially, more golfers than not could use the added forgiveness this type of wedge provides.

This part of the collection definitely isn't for the wedge-nerds out there (and I know there are a few). There are no bounce, sole, or grind options to be had. There's a 48 degree G, a 54 degree S, and a 60 degree L. You get what you get.

I'm comfortable hitting traditional forged scoring wedges. I notice the different turf interactions between high-bounce and low-bounce wedges. That said, these wedges were just fine. Being a direct extension from the irons meant full-swing gapping was no issue. Additionally, they performed well on chips, pitches, sand shots, and (attempted) flop shot around the greens.

For players who opted for the 0211 ST forged blades, that set only goes down to a 51 degree gap wedge. Given the lack of a "value" wedge option (PXG currently has a $199 forged wedge and the $650 milled Sugar Daddy), some golfers may have to look elsewhere for this part of the bag.

0211 Driver

So far, I think there's been a clear connection between the 0211 collection. They are good golf clubs. Surprisingly good golf clubs for the price even. That changes when you get to the 0211 driver. This is not a good golf club for the price. In my view, the 0211 driver is a great driver, regardless of the price.

On the spec sheet, you find all the key words you've come to expect with a premium driver. Titanium construction, carbon fiber crown, optimized CG and MOI for forgiveness, and etc. It might not be noteworthy that PXG has packed all this into their driver. However, it is noteworthy that they did it with a club they are selling for almost half the 2021 Big 5 OEM releases.

What struck me most in my initial fitting for the driver was how well it performed in all areas. If you did a full test of all the latest drivers, the 0211 might not be the longest, most forgiving, or have the best sound. I'm confident it will be better than the average in each though. This initial perception has held true throughout the several rounds I've played with the clubs so far. The 0211 is going to be my daily gamer for this season. I could imagine it taking a while before I find something that can beat it.

I was fitted for Tensei CK Pro White shaft in this driver for full disclosure, which is a significant upcharge. That said, I hit several of the stock options during my fitting, and my feelings on the club with them still apply. With PXG, you have shaft options from Project X, Aldila, and Mitsubishi available at no additional cost. These aren't low-quality "made for" options, and there is likely one that will fit your swing. That said, with a base price between $250-$300, the 0211 offers a budget-conscious golfer like myself the ability to splurge on the best shaft option for me while still being cheaper than the rack rate for competitors.

0211 Driver Drawbacks

If there are any negatives to note on the 0211 driver, it might come down to the lack of weight adjustability. If you are the type of golfer who wants to dial in the weight just right to create a low-spin bomber, a slice-killer, or any other extreme option, it might not be the head design for you. The 0211 features a single weight port at the back and different weights aren't available at this time.

This was no big deal for me. I've never tinkered much with weights and rarely adjusted it even when I had a driver that could do so. The 0211 has an adjustable hosel and combined with the right shaft; I could get the type of launch and spin I wanted without issue. The deep CG and high MOI the head has built-in means I'll still get decent shots out of my (fairly frequent) mishits as well.

More than any other club I hit, the PXG 0211 driver had the strongest "wow" factor in performance for the price. It has to be in consideration if you are looking for a new driver this year.

PXG 0211 Conclusions

I believe the PXG 0211 collection is the best value option for new clubs available today. When you combine the looks, performance, and "experience" of the clubs at the price point, it's really not even close.

At the time of this writing, PXG offers an 0211 full bag set for just under $2000. They also include a PXG putter (normally priced at $395 by itself), a PXG stand bag, and a hat. As mentioned above, you can get fit for the entire bag for just $50 as well. That is an absolutely stunning number for a brand that was previously only attainable at double or triple that. Additionally, while DTC options such as Sub 70 can match that type of price, I don't think you could get a full bag of new clubs from a major OEM for less.

From its inception in 2015, PXG proved they were going to be a player in the performance golf market. That said, I couldn't be a PXG customer at their original price point. I know that a lot of other golfers are in a similar situation. The 0211s impressed me so much because they meet my needs. I hope it stays a significant part of the PXG brand from now on.

Six years have taken PXG from a niche and a novelty to a respected golf brand. If the 0211 collection is a sign of things to come, then the potential is there for PXG to be a true powerhouse manufacturer with options for all golfers.

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