Five Putting Aids You Should Be Training With

Putting aids are a dime a dozen. I have sifted through many of the products out there, and come across a few that I believe can add more structure and effectiveness to your practice sessions.

Here are my five favorite products that can help your putting at home, or on the practice green.

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This is hands down one of my favorite putting training aids for multiple reasons. It's inexpensive, effective, and you can use it just about anywhere. This is a variation on the popular "two tee drill" used by Tiger Woods, and many other top golfers.

TIBA Putt will help you with the path of your putting stroke, which is essential for starting more putts on your line, and controlling your speed. You can check out my full review here.

Purchase on Amazon ($25)

Puttout Pressure Trainer

This was released this year at the PGA Merchandise Show, and has been the best-selling putting aid since then. This nifty little devices allows you to practice just about anywhere, and it gives you real feedback on whether or not you made the putt, and how far it would have gone past the hole.

Personally I have been using it for several months, and it adds an element of fun to your putting practice sessions. You can find out my in my full review.

Purchase on Amazon ($29)

The Pill

The Pill is one of the more unique putting training aids on the market because it offers real feedback on your stroke. Its simple design reveals whether you pushed, pulled, or didn't strike your putt just right. There are multiple applications (including your wedges) that you can use it for. I highly recommend this one simply because it exposes the truth about your putting stroke.

Full Review

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Blast Golf

I am a big believer of timing in the golf swing, as well as in your putting stroke. Blast Golf is the leading swing analyzer out there for putting, and for good reason. It allows you to measure important metrics of your stroke as it relates to your timing. Many PGA Tour players are using it now, and personally I have seen a dramatic improvement in my ability to start my putts on line, and control my speed since using it.

If you are not opposed to using a little technology in your putting practice sessions, this is the best product out there to measure your stroke.

Full Review

Purchase on Amazon ($115)

Birdie Ball

This is technically not a putting aid, but I am adding it to the list simply because I believe it can help. One of the hardest things to do is recreate the speed you will face on the golf course. Birdie Ball has done a fantastic job with their indoor greens, and offers three different options for speed and endless variations in size.

Full Review

Purchase ($50 and up)

Why Use Putting Aids?

Each of these products requires a small investment. However, I believe if you use any of them they will help you. One the biggest mistakes golfers make is not practicing their putting at all, or doing it completely wrong. These putting aids can help fix that process, and give more structure to the time you spend.

Improving your putting is one of the easiest ways to knock a few strokes off your score by reducing three putts, and making more putts inside of 10 feet. Give any of these a shot, stick with them, and I believe you will see real results on the course.

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