Puma Ignite NXT Review: Comfort, Stability, and Value

Puma Golf recently made some upgrades to their Ignite NXT line. For golfers who want a comfortable, spikeless shoe these have been a popular option for several years now.

I got a chance to try them out on the course and during my practice sessions. I think Puma has made some nice upgrades that are going to be well received. There are several tradeoffs, which I'll get into, but overall I believe these are a great value.

What I Liked

Overall, I felt the Puma Ignite NXT was a significant improvement over the last iteration. There's a lot to like here.

After hitting a ton of balls in them while practicing and walking the course several times I've noticed a couple of significant differences.

The main area of improvement is stability. Typically, I have found shoes in this category to offer a lightweight feel and a comfortable walk for your feet, but they lack support. That's not the case with the Ignite NXT. I think golfers who are looking for more support for their feet while they swing will like what this shoe has to offer.

Additionally, for a player who primarily walks the course, I would say there is plenty of comfort built into these shoes. I wouldn't call it extreme comfort, but if I had to grade it, I would give them an A minus.

There are three options for the Ignite NXT - a disc model (no laces), a solelace (to provide more support), and traditionally laced.

The mesh layer towards the front is a nice feature because it allows some breathability. Puma says it is waterproof, and while I had no issues with slight moisture getting through, I wasn't able to give them a test in a more substantial downpour.

My overall impression of the shoe is that it's made from high-quality materials, and their new design elements have improved performance.

In terms of looks, I happen to like having an athletic-looking option in the mix. But of course, that's a subjective evaluation depending on the golfer. There are multiple color options available.

Some Things To Be Aware Of

The fit of the Puma Ignite NXT is definitely on the larger side, which is why they recommend going down half a size.

Also, I would say golfers with wider feet could potentially have an issue. I've typically found Puma to be a very narrow fit, which might not be a problem for most golfers. My feet are wider than most, which is why I went with the wide option.

Overall, I didn't find there to be too much of a problem, but I could feel a little bit of tightness and pressure towards the inside of my feet after walking several miles. It's something to note for golfers who have extremely wide feet.

I also found some minor problems with traction. Golfers who purchase spikeless shoes shouldn't expect too much in this category, but I've seen some spikeless designs that are better than others at providing a connection to the ground. In one round my back foot slipped twice while I was swinging. There was light moisture on the ground, but I wouldn't call it "slick" conditions. In dry conditions, they performed mostly fine, but it's something to be aware of if you plan on playing when it's wet out.

Overall, These Are Great Spikeless Shoes

I think Puma did a great job on these shoes. For just over $100 I believe there is a ton of value. While there might be some issues with golfers who have very wide feet, and minor traction tradeoffs, everything else about them I'm giving a thumbs up.

If you are a golfer who primarily walks the course, likes an athletic look to your shoes, and doesn't want to break the bank - I think they are a great option.

You can purchase the Puma Ignite NXT shoes here.

Also, you can check out my guide to comfortable golf shoes here.

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