Orange Peel Review: The Most Underrated Training Aid in Golf

The golf training aid market is very murky to say the least. To be completely honest with all of you, most of it is junk and will not help your game. I wrote about that extensively in this article earlier this year. One of the goals of this site is to make sure I am testing what is out there in the market, and to let you know about the good stuff. Today I want to let you know about a great product I have been using for almost a year now. It's called the Orange Peel.

The Orange Peel comes from industry leader Orange Whip. They have the #1 swing trainer on the market, and most people assume that is their only product. I have written about the Orange Whip before and it has become an important part of my practice routine. I generally recommend it to any golfer who wants help with their swing.

One of their lesser-known products certainly deserves your attention for a number of reasons.

The Other Cornerstone of Your Swing

The golf swing is very complicated. You can't point to one thing and say "do this" and expect someone to have success. It is a combination of factors that are necessary in order to get that little white ball headed where you are aimed.

Additionally, every golfer has their own unique challenges in their swing, which is why generic swing tips don't work.

However, I believe there are two fundamentals that should be met. I have noticed them in every single golfer I have ever seen who is a great ball striker.

All of their swings are rhythmic and balanced.

The Orange Whip helps with the first challenge, which is smoothing out the tempo and timing of your swing. The Orange Peel can help dramatically with the second problem, which is keeping your balance.

Golfers Falling All Over the Place

Every time I watch recreational golfers on the range or on the course I see all kinds of bizarre movements. People are gyrating and contorting their bodies in ways that make it much more difficult to have a successful swing.

One of the main issues you see is golfers moving off their center and swaying too far behind the ball. If you watch any high-level amateur or professional golfer swing a club, you generally don't see that. Their weight shift is less dramatic, and they are coiling their body rather than thrusting it back behind the ball.

The Orange Peel is shaped to prevent this from happening. It has a concave curve which sets your feet in a more athletic position and prevents the swaying from occurring.

Personally, I have had this issue with my driver. I have been working with the Peel at home for almost a year now, and it has me hitting the ball more consistently off the tee than I ever have been.

Overall, every golfer can use help with their balance, and I believe this is one of the best tools out there to help you.

To get a more in-depth look on how it works, you can watch this video:

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Random Practice...Finally!

One of the main things I always try to promote on this site is to randomize your practice. Hitting your 7-iron 40 times in a row at the same target does not help you accomplish much. Anything you can do to simulate the conditions of a real round of golf during your practice sessions is going to pay dividends in your rounds.

That being said, how do you deal with uneven lies? Many golf courses are contoured, and you are never going to get the perfectly flat lie that you get on a driving range mat.

This is part of the beauty of the Orange Peel. It is designed so that you can simulate any kind of sidehill, uphill, or downhill lie on the course. Practicing from all of these positions can not only help you execute them properly on the course, but it can help fix swing flaws and improve your balance even more.

To me this is one of the best features of this product. If players took time to practice all of these lies and figure out ways to strike the golf ball properly from each of them, it will enhance their ball striking ability overall.

A Couple of Considerations Before Purchasing the Orange Peel

While I believe this is a great training aid that can help a golfer of any level, there are a couple of setbacks with this product that you should know about.

First, it's not exactly cheap - it retails for $179.

Secondly, it's not portable. The unit is fairly heavy, and once you get it in place you really don't want to move it. It is not something you are going to want to pack in your car and bring to the range.

Essentially you have to hope that your golf course has one, or use it hitting balls into a practice net at home (which is what I do).

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Orange Peel is the real deal. It can help randomize your practice sessions and teach you how to have a more balanced golf swing.

There are a couple of things to consider before purchasing it, but if you are willing to make the investment and have a place to use it, I highly recommend adding it to your training regimen. I have seen real results in my game since using it, and it certainly warrants attention in the Orange Whip library of products.

You can purchase the Orange Peel for $179 here.

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