Online Golf Instruction - 9 Resources Golfers Should Know About

Online golf instruction can be a murky world. I firmly believe there is no right way to swing a golf club, but there are literally thousands of instructors who all have their version of the golf swing. They have all created videos, articles, and other kinds of resources to teach you their interpretation of the golf swing.

The online instruction world creates a few issues for golfers:

  • Can you actually improve by watching videos, listening to podcasts, and reading articles?
  • Which resources should you trust?
  • How much information can you handle?

Personally I believe the best way to help golfers through online instruction is to give them tools to make their practice sessions more effective, and change their perspective on the game overall. It's one thing to explain technical knowledge of the golf swing, but I'm more concerned with the real-world application of that knowledge. So while online instruction is somewhat imperfect, I do believe there are certain instructors and resources who are giving out good information.

My hope is to make Practical Golf one of the leading resources that golfers can go to for honest information, but I'm not the only one out there with this goal. Here are other resources that I have learned from personally, and I believe you can too.

Adam Young

Adam was one of the first instructors I came across when I started my site. He runs a golf blog, has written a bestselling book, and created an online course called the Strike Plan.

I highly recommend checking them all out. The reason why Adam is unique is because he thinks differently than almost any other golf teacher I've ever come across. He's not here to tell you how to get your hands in a certain position, but rather to challenge you to figure it out on your own through performance games, changing your mindset, and experimentation.

Andrew Rice

Andrew Rice has become one of the most popular faces in the online golf instruction world for good reason. He's one of the best communicators I've ever seen. You'll be hard-pressed to find someone who conducts a better video presentation than Andrew, and it's why his following has become so large.

He doesn't care what your swing looks like, but rather what kind of results you are getting. Andrew has amassed quite a body of work on his website and his YouTube channel. His information is well researched, but more importantly he gives golfers functional drills and simple explanations of complicated topics.

Mark Crossfield

Mark Crossfield has done something interesting with his YouTube channel. He has managed to combine online golf instruction with fun, and he has grown a loyal audience of more than 200,000 golfers who tune in weekly to his shows, course vlogs, club reviews, and instructional videos. His information is cutting edge and there is plenty to learn from him. Most importantly, his videos are fun to watch because he truly cares about golfers and their enjoyment of the game.

Ryan Chaney

Ryan is one of the best follows on Twitter, and anyone who knows him is aware he is not afraid to speak his mind. He also happens to know a thing or two about the golf swing, and how to improve a golfer of any level. You can check out his website where he is offering online lessons or his YouTube and Vimeo channels where he is beginning to post regular nuggets of info.

Joe Mayo

Joe Mayo (also known as Trackman Maestro on Twitter) is the director of instruction at TPC Summerlin in Las Vegas Nevada. He has also become one of the most significant resources for swing instruction online. Joe challenges all of the commonly-held beliefs about the golf swing through his work with Trackman, and has one of the more unique ways of communicating the golf swing that I've ever seen. You can check out some of his in-depth videos on his Vimeo channel here.

David MacKenzie

David Mackenzie is a mental coach and the owner of a great online resource called Golf State of Mind. Drawing from his own playing experience and working with golfers from around the world, his website has hundreds of articles and recordings to help golfers improve how they approach the mental side of the game. His advice is easy to understand and implement, and he also works directly with a lot of golfers, and has a series of books and audio lessons available.

Mark Immelman

Mark Immelman wears several hats in the golf world. He's an on-course commentator for the PGA Tour, a college coach, and a swing instructor. He is also the host of one of the best golf podcasts out there called On The Mark. Mark interviews some of the best minds in the golf world, and there are tons of lessons to learn from his interviews. I highly recommend listening to his extensive library of interviews. You're going to learn a thing or two!

Golf Science Lab

Cordie Walker started Golf Science Lab to "document the truth about golf and bring you the research directly from the scientists and researchers."

His website is an interesting collection of articles and podcasts that any golfer who is looking to improve should check out. Everything is based in research, and they've done a great job aggregating some of the latest information relevant to players who are looking for online golf instruction.

Matthew Cooke

Anyone who has followed my site for a while knows that practicing the right way is one of the cornerstones of Practical Golf. Matthew Cooke has made that one of the primary focuses of his business Game Like Training. Matthew specializes in performance games that are meant to challenge golfers in their practice sessions and increase skill.

Any golfer who is puzzled about why they aren't improving despite spending hours at the range should check out his website and read his book.

Nobody is "Right" When it Comes to Online Golf Instruction

Golf can be an endlessly complicated game, and I firmly believe that no singular individual has the right answers for everyone. The reason I wanted to make this list is because I know these resources are well researched and are providing honest information. So if you are searching around for swings tips and other pieces of info for your golf game, these instructors are a good start!

When a golfer can match themselves with an instructor who matches their learning style, then good things can happen. As always, my recommendation is that if you can't understand something, then it's time to move on.

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