Kentwool Socks Review: The Ultimate Comfort for Your Feet

Kentwool socks have completely blown my mind. I know what you're thinking...they're just socks!

I’ve come to the conclusion that for certain products I’m willing to pay more money up front for two reasons:

  • I will have a more pleasurable experience.
  • I will save money because they will last longer than less-expensive products, and I won’t have to replace them as often.

A perfect example of this has been with computers. For years I had bought cheaper PCs and the same exact thing would happen. They would work fine for 6 months, and then they would inevitably slow down, crash all of the time, and become unbearable to use at about the 2-3 year mark. I would have to go through all of these software updates and buy programs to make it run like new again.

So I decided to switch to Macs, and I never looked back. I paid a bit more up front, but I have literally never had one problem with either of my Mac computers, and they run just as well as the day I bought them without any kind of maintenance.

I am now using this logic with socks.

I’ve always purchased cheap pairs of athletic socks, and a similar story would occur. They would feel good for the first few uses, but after working out in them and washing them multiple times, they became thin, stretched out, and holes would start forming.

Additionally, while I was using them there wouldn’t be any kind of moisture wicking, and by the end of a workout or a round of golf, I was left with a terrible wet feeling.


I’ve seen the light

Recently I overhauled my sock drawer and bought a bunch of pairs of Bombas, which are great athletic socks with a nice mission statement (they donate a pair for every one you buy).

But I kept hearing about this brand called Kentwool. People swore by them, and said they were absolutely amazing for a round of golf. I visited their website a few times, but ultimately never bought them because I thought it was a bit excessive to spend $20 on a pair of socks.

With the golf season approaching I recently gave in, and bought a pair. I just had to see what the hype was all about. Anyone who reads my site knows I am a huge proponent of walking the golf course when you can, and I try to do this every time I play.

So my feet are really important to me.

You have got to be kidding me!!!

I thought my Bombas socks were really comfortable, but the second I put the Kentwool Tour Series on, I kind of lost my mind. I didn’t know a sock could be that comfortable. It was like a warm and gentle blanket was coddling my feet.

For the next couple of weeks I wore them during my normal routine, and longed for the day of the week that they would fall back into rotation. There’s just no other way to describe these; they are simply the most comfortable sock you will ever put on your feet.

You really have to try them on to believe it.

They keep your feet warm when it’s colder. If it’s the opposite and you are heating up, they help absorb moisture and you never feel like you are overcooking. You get the best of both worlds with Kentwool socks.

Their secret is a blend of Merino Wool, which they describe as “nature’s smart fiber.” You would never expect a sock that had wool in its title to be a great athletic sock, but they have somehow figured out a way to make it work perfectly.

The socks actually come with a no-blister guarantee, which I know is an issue for a lot of golfers who play. The combination of friction and sweat during a round of golf can leave your feet in bad shape after a round.

How did Kentwool socks perform on the course?

The combination of the Kentwool Tour Series socks and my TRUE Linkswear shoes was a match made in heaven.

Walking down the first fairway was a noticeable upgrade. My feet were feeling unprecedented levels of comfort.

My golf course is about 6.5 miles to walk, and features some extreme hills. At the end of most rounds my feet get a bit sweaty. The socks I have previously worn have been terrible at wicking moisture away, and at the end of the round my feet often look like they have been submerged in water for a few hours.

(I know, that’s a little too much info, but it’s relevant to this discussion!)

When I was done with my first round in the Kentwool’s there was no such sweaty mess waiting for me when I took my shoes off. The socks were noticeably drier, and most importantly the skin on my feet was in much better shape.

To me, that is worth the price of admission right there.

So if you were asking yourself, “why in the world would I pay $20 for one pair of socks?” I hope this answers your question.

These socks are so much better than anything I have ever worn, and it’s no surprise that professional caddies (and many players) on the PGA and LPGA wear these socks day in and day out. If you are spending most of your time on your feet on a golf course, it does not get better than the Kentwool socks Tour Series.

I'm going to warn you in advance, if you try a pair out you are going to want to fill your whole sock drawer with them.

You can purchase Kentwool socks Tour Series on Amazon here.

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