10 Can't-Miss Tips From Jack Nicklaus

A couple of months ago my friend sent me a copy of an out of print book that Jack Nicklaus wrote in the early 70s. It's a really amazing read that has a ton of information that is still valid to this day. You can pick it up for a penny on Amazon! Here are 10 of the best Jack Nicklaus golf tips from the book that I think every player could benefit from:

1) Focus on a slow, one-piece takeaway.

Jack believes that your initial move away from the ball should be slow, and deliberate. By focusing on keeping your whole left side turning in one unit, your body will properly rotate with great tempo.

2) Keep your weight on the inside of your feet

The feet are the anchors of your swing, and most high handicappers play from the outside of their feet. During the swing your weight should shift from the inside of your left foot to the inside of your right foot, and never beyond.

3) Stop Swaying

An absolute “must” in your downswing is to keep your head behind the ball until after impact. The biggest mistake by most amateurs is that they sway their head and upper body forwards before impact.

4) Play with your natural tendencies - my favorite of all the Jack Nicklaus golf tips

Golf is easiest when you play with, rather than against your natural tendencies - especially under pressure. In other words, don’t try to play a shot shape that doesn’t fit your game.

5) Feel the clubhead

Consciously feeling the weight of the clubhead during your swing is a great way to maintain proper rhythm and tempo.

6) Chipping

The two most important factors of a chipping stroke is to have a nice slow swing, and keeping your hands ahead of the club face at impact

7) Reading the Rough

If the grass is growing towards you, it will have a tendency to grab the club. So take more club than you normally would. If the grass is growing with you, then it might “fly”, and offer less resistance. Take less club, and prepare for the ball to run more.

8) Distance, or Accuracy on Tee Shots?

When faced with a tee shot where you are not sure whether to sacrifice distance for accuracy, always go for accuracy with the shorter club.

9) Texas Wedge

Always putt rather than chip when you’re just off of the green.

10) Practice for feel first

Don’t take your driver out of the bag immediately. Start working with your wedges to establish feel before you move to longer clubs.

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