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Golfers are  frustrated because they keep working on their games but fail to improve...

You go to the driving range and hit balls for hours and you still make the same mistakes on the course.

You buy books about the golf swing and purchase systems that promise to teach you a "revolutionary" swing model, but you end up in a worse place than where you started.

Golf can be incredibly frustrating because effort doesn't always equal success.​

“A golfer has to train his swing on the practice tee, then trust it on the course.” - Dr. Bob Rotella

Golfers have a hard time translating success on the practice tee to success on the course because they are not challenging themselves properly, and not building real skills. We are going to show you how to fix this problem with our extensive library of learning material.

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Functional swing drills that a golfer of any level can perform. Learn how to be productive with your practice time, and become a more skilled ball striker.

Performance Games

A library of games that will make your practice sessions more fun and challenging. You will learn to build skills and confidence that you can bring out to the course.

Trusted Information

All of our content features cutting-edge information from some of the top golf coaches in the world. This isn't the same old stuff that you've heard before.

The Real Path to Improvement Starts By Working Smarter 

"I always practice as I intend to play." - Jack Nicklaus

When you have the right information, and are given proper ideas on how to spend your practice time, good things start to happen.

All of a sudden you go from mindlessly hitting balls to challenging yourself and building real skills. This is how the best golfers in the world bridge the gap between practice and performance on the course. 

What You Will Learn As a Member:

How to Play a  Variety of Short Game Shots

We have one of the top short-game specialists showing you how to play all kinds of shots around the greens with your wedges and putter. Learning how to play these shots properly will save you precious strokes.​ Stand over your ball with confidence instead of fear!

Swing Drills That Will Increase Your Skill 

Our videos won't give you a dozen swing thoughts that leave you confused and indecisive on the course. Our coaches give you drills that a golfer of any level can perform, but more importantly understand. Everything is communicated clearly.

Performance Games That Will Make Practice Fun

Our games are designed to make your practice sessions more fun and rewarding. This is how you truly bring performance from the practice tee to your actual rounds.

...and Much More

We've also built a library of audio recordings and eBooks that will continue to grow. We are continually adding content from some of the top golf instructors in the industry with information you can trust.

Practical Golf Insider is also a buying club. We've secured discounts from hand-selected golf brands for our members.

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