Grooveit Brush Review: The Best Tool to Keep Your Golf Clubs Clean

While everyone has different club cleanliness standards, it is a fact that having clean grooves is essential for a club to perform its best. Clean grooves channel water, grass, and dirt away from the clubface, allowing for consistent trajectory and spin from impact. Testing shows dirty grooves can cut backspin by half or more, leading to “flyers” and other unpredictable shot results.

Due to this, many avid golfers have some brush clipped to their bags. These brushes have remained more or less the same for years, so is there room in the market for a better golf brush? That’s what the Grooveit Brush claims to be, promising cleaner grooves with less effort and better performance as a result.

The brush has many unique features that set it apart from other golf brushes; the key is a built-in tank and pump system to spray water on the clubface while scrubbing. Here’s a video of founder and inventor Clint Sanderson going into detail about the Grooveit Brush.

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Since it came out, the Grooveit has quickly generated buzz. It's been sold out multiple times and even appeared on Tiger Woods' son's bag on TV. Similar to the other recent hits like the Divot Board, inventory has been hard to come by, though.

We had to try it out at Practical Golf to see if it lived up to the hype.

Using the Grooveit Brush

As a rule, I tend to keep my clubs relatively clean and well-maintained, so I didn’t think a new brush was going to make much of a difference. I was also concerned about some significant features, like the water pump and magnetic attaching system, being a gimmick and hurting the functionality. In short, these fears were unfounded throughout several rounds. I found theGrooveitBrush to be well-engineered and incredibly functional.

It's nice to see inventors perfect a product concept that's been stagnant for quite some time.

The first big standout of the brush for me is the brush head and bristles. The brush head is at least twice as big as other brushes I’ve used, and that’s definitely been helpful. Additionally, the stiff nylon bristles have held up very well and clean deeply without needing metal bristles. The water pump has proven useful as well in cleaning out stubborn dirt and gunk.

Since I’ve always been reasonably meticulous about keeping my grooves clean during the round, I can’t honestly say the Grooveit Brush keeps my clubs cleaner.

Still, I will say I’ve been surprised at how useful it’s been on things besides the clubs.

First off, the brush is excellent for cleaning golf balls. I’m a lost ball hunter out on the course, and I’ve found a quick spray of water and brushing makes even the muddiest old Pro V1 look presentable. All the ball washers at my course have been removed, so this is useful.

Last, the brush is great for giving my golf shoes a quick cleaning at the end of the round. This keeps mud and dried grass out of the back of my car.

Additionally, the magnet is way stronger than you would think. This makes it extremely difficult for the brush to be knocked off accidentally but still gives you quick access to detach and re-attach the brush before and after shots. Every detail is thought out.

This Is the Best Brush I've Ever Used

The Grooveit Brush is simply the best club cleaning tool that I have used. In a few weeks of use, there is only one possible negative to it that I can think of, the price. At around $25, this brush is significantly more expensive than “normal” club brushes. Is the Grooveit Brush worth it? For me (and likely other golfers who frequently clean their clubs), the answer is yes. There are plenty of golf gizmos out there that cost a lot more but with a lot less benefit.

Simply put, the brush will keep your grooves clean, and that’s good. Add in all the other uses for the brush out on the course, and the value definitely seems to be there. All that said, another possible negative for the brush is being able to buy one as the initial batch sold out quickly. We have secured inventory for Practical Golf readers here (while supplies last).

Once you manage to get one, though, I’m confident it’ll find a spot on your bag because it will undoubtedly stay on mine.

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