The Best Grand Rapids Golf Courses You Should Be Playing

When we think of the best golf destinations - places like California, Florida and the Carolinas come to mind. However, one of the most underrated golf cities is Grand Rapids, Michigan. Set on the west coast of Lake Michigan, this small city affords an excellent opportunity to play some fantastic courses. Our guide will give you some of the best public Grand Rapids golf courses that you should play.

Since they are outside the typical hot spots, you will generally find the course fees to be lower, fewer people playing (so less waiting for you) and a more relaxed atmosphere.

Thousand Oaks Golf Club - The Favorite

Designed by famous architect Rees Jones who has been behind numerous PGA favorites, Thousand Oaks is a regional favorite and considered to be one of the best courses in Michigan. It is excellently designed to challenge you to use all of your clubs. It is located just a few minutes from downtown Grand Rapids. Rates are a little high for the area, but most golfers feel that it is well worth it.

The Mines - New Style Meets Old History

Built in just 2005, The Mines get their name from the 150-year-old gypsum mines that the course sits above. This modern course uses features from the mines to give it a unique feel. Even the water that rings several holes comes from old pumps.

Like Thousand Oaks, it is located very close to downtown Grand Rapids, this convenient course has very affordable greens fees any day of the week. They also offer package deals with other local courses including Pilgrim’s Run Golf Club, The Golf Club at Thornapple Pointe and Boulder Creek Golf Club giving you a wide variety of golfing options.

Diamond Springs - Year-Round Golf

Open the entire year, this is one of the rare courses in Michigan where if you have the fortitude to play in November, then you can go for it! Situated in the middle of an Oak forest, playing this course in fall is a rare treat. It is relatively farther distance away from Grand Rapids golf courses on this list, but this is a blessing as it has excellent natural tranquility matched with very reasonable rates.

Cedar Chase Golf Club - Where the Locals Play

Cedar Chase draws its inspiration from the birthplace of golf—Scotland. With rolling hills and challenging roughs, you can really feel the heritage of the game here. Even during the peak of summer and on the weekend, Cedar Chase’s rates cannot be beaten and its clubhouse is perfectly set to enjoy a sunset beverage.

Story Creek Golf Course - The Casual Experience

Many golfers want to be challenged. They like difficult rough, tricky water hazards, and nasty sand traps. However, every so often, we all just want to go out there and take it easy. This course is ideally set up for beginners or those just wanting to have a relaxing day among friends. It is located fairly close to the city and depending on when you play, the green fees can be a steal!

Want To Explore More Grand Rapids Golf Courses?

Be sure to check out our interactive map which features every single public golf course in Grand Rapids (and beyond). Our unique tool will make it easy to locate courses, instructors, and practice facilities. The video below shows how it works:

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There are so many great golf courses in Grand Rapids. Are there any spots you think should have made our list? Let us know in the comments section!

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