Golf Podcasts - 7 Shows You Should Try Out

Golf podcasts have become extremely popular lately, and there are a ton of shows to choose from. I wanted to make a list for all of you that was a good starting point based on your interests.

Game Improvement

The Sweet Spot

Adam Young and Jon Sherman (yours truly) teams up to take a deeper, more truthful dive into golf improvement. Get the perspective of an elite swing coach and a "player-coach" on various topics - the golf swing, how to practice more effectively, strategy, expectation management, the mental game, and plenty of other topics.

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How's My Handpath?

Golf talk with some of the best and brightest in the industry. Hosted by PGA TOUR Coach Shauheen Nakhjavani, one of the top swing instructors in the game right now.


On The Mark Radio

Mark Immelman is on fire with his podcast. Every week he is getting some of the best experts in the golf world to share their knowledge. If you are looking to get new ideas for your game, this should be at the top of the list for you.


Golf Science Lab

Cordie Walker has done a great job at gathering some of the minds who are on the cutting edge of research in the golf word. Golf Science Lab picks a different topic for each season, and explores it in depth with multiple interviews. If you've got an inquisitive mind you will love it.


The Mindside

For those who want to dive deep into sports psychology, this one of the best golf podcasts out there. Dr Bhrett McCabe has a wide variety of guests who are able to give insight into the mental game, and there are some great takeaways that golfers can apply to their games on the golf course.


18 Strong

If you are looking to increase your fitness, then this is a great podcast for you. Jeff Pelizarro uses his background in physical training to give golfers new ideas on training, nutrition, and overall performance improvement.



No Laying Up

This is at the top of the list for me because the guys at No Laying Up have figured out a way to get some of the biggest names in golf to open up about life on tour, and share some hilarious stories that you would never hear elsewhere. Their influence in the golf media world is growing significantly, and this has become one of the most popular golf podcasts for good reason.


The Clubhouse With Shane Bacon

Shane Bacon has racked up an impressive list of guests on his podcast so far, another great listen for those who are looking to listen to interviews with some of the biggest names in the golf world


Fore Play

Barstool Sports recently decided to launch this podcast for golf, and if you're familiar with their enormously popular show Pardon My Take then this is one of the golf podcasts for you. Expect the hottest of takes without any holding back. This is a podcast for the everyman.


Did we leave any golf podcasts out? Let us know your favorites in the comments section!

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