Galvin Green Review: Golf Outerwear Taken to a Whole New Level

Playing golf in the elements is part of the game. The wind, rain, and cold can add another dimension of difficulty to an already challenging test. If you're not prepared with the right clothing it can easily inhibit your ability to perform. Recently, I got a chance to try out one of the newest offerings from one of the top names in golf outerwear, Galvin Green.

I had heard a lot about the brand over the last few years - they have built a stellar reputation for their attention to detail.

Who Is Galvin Green

In case you haven't heard of Galvin Green, they are one of the premium outerwear brands in golf. Their motto is "We Never Compromise" - which speaks to their attention to detail and the materials they use.

I got a chance to meet with representatives from their company back at the PGA Show earlier this year. They presented me the details of their 2017 line of clothes, but something was distinctly different than other companies I had met with. With each piece of clothing, they went into excessive detail about how it was designed. Whether it was the collar, sleeves, or even the tightness around certain spots it was evident that they were absolutely obsessed with making the best product out there.

A great deal of thought goes into each design and making sure that it will protect golfers from the elements while swinging comfortably. Needless to say, I was interested to see if all of that effort translated to the golf course.

The Dash

Recently, Galvin Green announced their Insula line. It is intended to keep golfers warm on the course while providing a lightweight feel. I got a chance to try out their half-zip pullover, which is called the Dash.

It's a sharp looking piece of outerwear, certainly a bit on the modern side in terms of look. There are a few areas of padding on the shoulders and elbows designed to keep you warm in the right places. Despite the effectiveness of the padding, it does potentially make you look like a golfer from the future. Overall, I found it to be a sharp piece of clothing.

My Impressions

Despite having an unseasonably warm fall in New York, the temperature has started to drop lately. I have worn the Dash in several conditions now ranging from mildly cold (50 degrees) to a recent round that started off at 37 degrees. It is excellent at keeping the most important parts of your body warm during a round of golf.

I have worn outerwear from several other companies in the past - granted none of them were at the price level of Galvin Green, but there was a significant difference in the material's ability to keep cold air off your body. Additionally, the fit is more conducive to swinging a golf club. The issue with many other layers I have worn is that they are too bulky in the wrong spots, which prevents you from swinging freely.

The last round I played ranged from 38-42 degrees. I was wearing a long sleeve shirt, a golf polo, and the Dash above them both. Several times during the round I took off the Dash to feel the difference, and it was immediate. I could feel the cold air seeping through the pores of the clothing almost everywhere. When I added the layer back, I was noticeably warmer - the material really does a great job of protecting your body.

Simply put, they do deliver on their promise to keep your body warm and swing a golf club without feeling like the material is getting in the way.

Where it Fits In

For anyone that is looking for a top layer that will keep you warm in cold, windy conditions this is going to hit the nail on the head for you.

Galvin Green says it can be worn as an intermediate layer underneath a rain or windstopper jacket. However, for my preferences, I think that would be too bulky (you might feel differently). I think the Dash will function best above a couple of other thinner layers without affecting your swing.

As you would expect, this is a premium piece of clothing so the price tag is going to be higher. The Dash retails for $250 right now. This certainly puts it into another pricing category, but I can tell you that it performs much better than other layers I have worn in the $75 - $125 region. If you are willing to invest more in something that will hold up over the long run, I think you will be pleased with what you get.

You can learn more about Galvin Green on their website. If you are looking to purchase any of their items, Trendy Golf is a great online retailer that stocks their items.

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