DECADE Foundations Videos

For the past several years, the DECADE strategy system created by Scott Fawcett has exploded in popularity. It’s currently used by major champions, professionals at all levels, and elite amateurs.

In 2020, DECADE Foundations was launched to help recreational golfers. The 6-month course is delivered through an app primarily through videos. There is also a stat-tracking feature as well. For any golfer who wants to lower their scores through better strategic play, practice methods, and sharpen their mental game, it’s Practical Golf’s #1 recommendation.

With your purchase, we have arranged access to five videos that are part of month one. There are tons of golf videos out there that claim they can improve your game, but these *really* will if you follow the advice given.

We have also arranged a special discount if you’d like to commit to the full six-month course beyond the five videos below. Typically it costs $125, but you can get it for $100 using this link. I hope you enjoy it! Please contact me here with any questions.

Video 1: Introduction to DECADE Foundations

Video 2: Shot Patterns & Targets

Video 3: Putting Is Easy

Video 4: Make Golf Easy

Video 5: Mindset

Purchase DECADE Foundations ($25 discount)