Can Five Minutes Change Your Golf Game?

Last week, I explained something for 5 minutes on the range to a friend, and he went on to hit some of the best shots of his life on the course.

I had never seen him hit golf balls before, but after watching his pattern, I saw something very common emerge - high, weak shots that started to the right and curved more to the right.

Now, I'm not a swing doctor, but to me, it looked like his lower body was not syncing up properly and stalling at impact.

To be honest, I didn't really care.

So I took a club and a tee and gave a quick visual demonstration where his clubface was pointing at impact.

I showed how his clubface was way too open and adding loft simultaneously.

I showed him the opposite, a closed clubface that was delofted.

Then I asked him to hit the biggest hook imaginable and try to start the ball to the left of his target.

After a few shots, he started to figure it out. He hit some balls that were starting well to the left and hooking.

And I said, "Now you know what a closed clubface feels like."

We went on the course and played five holes.

He hit several powerful drives with a tight draw or a slight fade.

Then he hit some of the best iron shots of his life on the green. Again, tight draws or small fades.

More importantly, he was incredibly excited. He made four easy pars. You could see the sense of satisfaction of knowing he could hit a golf ball like that.

Is he fixed forever? Not a chance.

Would that have worked for everyone with that pattern? Maybe not.

But it had never occurred to him to explore the opposite of his patterns. He had no clue about the relationship between the clubface at impact and his ball flight.

Now, in the future, at least, he can start exploring these things in practice to help neutralize his ball flight.

He's got a better chance.

Many of you will recognize this method from reading my book - and I can't stress how powerful it can be.

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