5 Training Aids That Are Worth Your Money

Over the last year, I've done a lot of testing and I wanted to feature the best golf training aids that I routinely use in my practice sessions. I believe these products have helped me to become a better golfer. The training aid market is crowded, but these five companies offer products that are easy to use but more importantly will make your practice sessions more meaningful.

Editor's Note - we have updated this article since it first published, and added some other training aids we recommend at the end of the article.

Orange Whip

This is one of the most popular and bestselling swing trainers of all time. The Orange Whip is effective in its simplicity. It can be used as a warmup tool before a round, a strength/flexibility trainer, and a way to hone your swing tempo.

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A powerful swing analysis tool that can detect key measurements of your swing, including tempo, swing plane, speed, angle of attack, and much more. The new Virtual Coach feature takes it to another level with technology that offers fixes for your particular swing flaws.

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This training aid takes one of the most popular putting drills out there, and makes it more effective. TIBA Putt helps you square the putter face before, during, and even after impact. It's a great tool to use on the practice green or at home to hone your putting stroke.

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DST Compressor

Quickly becoming the most popular swing trainer on every single professional tour, the DST Compressor helps put golfers in an optimal impact position using its unique curved shaft.

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The Pill

One of the most versatile putting and chipping aids out there, The Pill gives you instant feedback on your putting and chipping stroke.

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Other Training Aids We Now Recommend

Zepp Golf: This is an excellent swing analyzer that is the most intuitive on the market. Full Review, Purchase Link

Super Speed Golf: For golfers who are looking to increase their swing speed, this is the best system out there. Full Review, Purchase Link

EyeLine Speed Trap 2.0: If you need help with your swing path and low point control, this product can help. Full Review, Purchase Link

Blast Golf: If you are looking for help with your putting their sensor can help identify problems in your stroke and give actionable advice. Full Review, Purchase Link

PuttOut Pressure Trainer: This neat little device will make putting practice at home incredibly fun. Full Review, Purchase Link

GAME GOLF: Their game-tracking device will help track your stats and help identify the part of your golf game that needs the most help. Full Review, Purchase Link

What do you think are the best golf training aids? Leave your feedback in the comments section...

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