The Best Golf Pants: 7 Brands You Need To Know About

Finding the best golf pants for every golfer can be a tough task. There is a wide variety of fits, designs, and quality standards out there. In this guide, I want to point out some of the top brands that you might not necessarily think about.

While Nike, Puma, Under Armour and several other popular OEMs come to mind when you are shopping for pants - they aren't always the best options available. I've curated a list of golf pants that satisfy various price points and offer a range of designs.

Bonobos Golf

One of the significant problems with golf pants is variety. Many of the major brands don't give enough options with waist size, length, and overall fit. Bonobos solve this problem in a big way.

As one of the leaders in perfectly-fit men's pants, they offer more options than any other company. More importantly, their golf pants look great and are made from the best materials. I own three pairs of their Highland Tour pants and love them.

The best part about these golf pants are the options. There are four fits to choose from (tailored, slim, athletic, straight), and they have almost every variation of waist and length available.

Visit Bonobos Website


Linksoul is one of my favorite clothing brands. I'm pretty much wearing a piece of clothing from them every day. Here's a shot of my entire wardrobe...

They have a ton of great options in the pants department. The best part is that their styles can be worn on and off the golf course. A few designs in particular I like for golf are their Boardwalker Pants, Performance Chinos, and Rain Pants.

Visit Linksoul Site

State Apparel

I first came across State Apparel at the PGA Show in 2015. You likely have never heard of them, but his one-person shop headed up by Jason Yip is making some of the best golf pants in the industry.

While they make a few different styles of golf pants (and other outerwear), their flagship product is my favorite - The Competition Pant. They are the best cold-weather pants you can buy, period. I wore them on my trip to Cabot Links earlier this year, and they were a godsend.

The competition pants are lined with a heavy-weight fabric to keep your legs warm during those chillier days. On top of that, they have a unique cleaning feature that allows you to wipe your club on the bottom of the pants, or clean your ball with your pockets. You can view how it works in this video:

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You can read more in my full review here.

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Birddogs is not a household name in the golf industry, but when I reviewed their flagship shorts I was also pleasantly surprised by their pants. They're comfortable, have a built-in liner (no underwear if you want), and most importantly I love the tapered design.

The look is also quite versatile so you could wear them to work, or in casual settings too.

Visit Birddogs Website


If you want to look as sharp as possible on the golf course, then take a look at Dunning. They make some of the most comfortable and stylish golf pants out there.

While they don't have a vast selection available, their core designs will keep you looking fresh on the course.

Visit Dunning Website

Peter Millar

Peter Millar is one of the bigger names in premium golf apparel. They also make some of the best golf pants.

They have a ton of options available on their website. While they are on the pricier side, this is a brand for golfers who want a discerning look that will last for years.

Visit Peter Millar Website

Ralph Lauren (RLX)

If you want that clean classic look, then RLX by Ralph Lauren will be right up your alley. They've got some of the best traditional looking golf pants, and even some wackier designs if you want to stand out on the course.

Visit Polo Website

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