Best Cheap Golf Balls Guide: How to Save Big $$$

There are two costs every golfer can't avoid - greens fees and paying for balls. In this article, I'm going to help you save some cash by letting you know what are the best cheap golf balls out there.

A lot has changed in the marketplace over the last several years. Several new players have entered the inexpensive ball space, offering incredible discounts for golfers. Many of the brands I am going to mention in this article are direct-to-consumer. I've tested a number of them, and have not found any noticeable differences between them and major brand names.

You Don't Necessarily Need a Premium Golf Ball

A lot of golfers are shelling out upwards of $50/dozen on golf balls when they don't need to. Premium balls have multiple layers which allow for low spin off the tee, and control around the greens. However, if you don't have an extremely fast swing speed, tour-level balls will not necessarily help you play better.

On top of that, manufacturers have become a lot more efficient at producing quality golf balls at the budget level.

Here is a short list of cheap golf balls that I recommend looking at. They are all priced below $20 per dozen, with many of them substantially less. If you are looking to save money, these balls can help!

Snell Golf - Get Sum Ball ($14/Dozen)

Dean Snell founded Snell Golf in 2015. He contributed to patents on many of the major golf balls out there, most notably the Titleist Pro V1. He has taken all of his manufacturing knowledge and applied it to his brand of balls.

I have been playing their Tour Ball the last several years, and written about how it performs just as well as a Pro V1.

Their most significant value is the Get Sum Ball. You can purchase a dozen for only $20, but that's not the real deal. If you buy six-dozen on their website, it brings the cost down to just $14 per dozen, which is a steal since these are great balls.

Vice Golf: Drive Ball ($11/Dozen)

You probably have heard about Vice Golf at this point. They have a pretty slick marketing campaign and are offering some heavy discounts on their balls. I tested many of their offerings in this article and found the performance to be exceptional.

They have tons of products to choose from, but if you are looking for the best deal then check out their Drive ball. If you purchase 5-dozen on their website, you can bring the cost down to just under $11 per dozen.

Cut Golf: Red Ball ($10/Dozen)

We are going lower and lower in price. Cut Golf is another direct-to-consumer brand that recently launched. Golf Digest awarded them Silver in their 2018 Hot List rankings, which got them a lot of attention.

Their cheapest golf ball is the Red, which costs only $9.95 per dozen, with no bulk purchase required.

Honorable Mention: Some Other Cheap Golf Balls (All under $20)

If you're not willing to dip your toes into the direct-to-consumer market yet, here are some other highly rating offerings from more recognizable brands:

Srixon Soft Feel

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite

Callaway Warbird

Let me know in the comments section if I missed any of your favorite cheap golf balls (sorry, I mean inexpensive!).

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