Addition By Subtraction

Many golfers think they need to add more things to their game to get better. Sometimes, we can be "hoarders" regarding information and habits.

But I am quite the opposite. I try to remove as much as possible. If it's not making me a happier or better player - it's gone!

This week, I want to talk about ten things I have (mostly) removed from my game over the years, and hopefully, it will get you thinking about what you can potentially remove from yours.

1: Fighting Golf

For over 15 years, I didn't understand golf's volatility. How could my game change *that* much within 24 hours?

I try not to fight it anymore. I'm just giving in.

I focus more on what I can control.

2: Amateur Swing Doctor

I am not a swing instructor. So I stopped tinkering around with my technique.

I don't take videos with my phone, scroll YouTube, or think about it at all. It's locked away in a mental box somewhere.

If I chose to get help, I would just listen to the instructor and take their advice.

Instead, I pay attention to my ball flight & work on my impact skills

  • Impact location
  • Face Control
  • Club Path
  • Ground Contact
  • Simple can work!

3: Being So Serious

I used to step on the course thinking I was on some solemn endeavor.

I looked like a jerk at times and acted like one, too.

Of course, I want to play well, but I now emphasize fun.

4: Searching For More Shots

When I was younger, I thought I needed more shots to play better.

I quickly found out I sucked at most of them.

My ego made it hard to stop trying.

Eventually, I realized being a "one-trick pony" led to more confidence over the ball and better results.

5: Worrying About Others

I've embarrassed myself more times than I can count. And I've watched other golfers do the same.

We're all nervous, anxious, and self-conscious at times.

Honestly, who cares?

We are mostly concerned about our own games out there.

6: Playing for Score

My score was burned in my head at all times in the round.

The obsession was tiring.

Yes, I still care a lot about what I shoot. But it's not my priority.

7: Marathon Practice

I used to think spending more practice time would make me better.

It didn't. I was mostly going through the motions and not learning anything new.

Now I don't practice for more than 30-60 minutes at a time. But I'm more focused.

Smarter > Harder

8: Playing Scared

I used to look at the course with fear.

Every piece of trouble would distract me.

Now that I understand optimal strategy and reasonable outcomes, that has provided relief.

I can focus more on my target and not let all the other "noise" distract me as much.

9: Impatience

By nature, I am incredibly impatient.

This made golf hard for me on the course and my development over the long term.

Whenever I feel that creeping in, I immediately try to "zoom out" and keep an eye on the long term.

A constant battle!

10: Beating Myself Up

I've scolded and cursed myself more times than I can count.

It made golf unpleasant, and I'm sure others watching me thought I was a psycho!

Self-love and positivity can be superpowers on the course :)

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