9 Brutal Truths About Golf You Need To Hear

As you know, golf is quite a challenging game (that's an understatement).

Here are 9 brutal truths I think every golfer should take to heart...

1) The harder you squeeze, the harder golf pushes back.

This game attracts Type A control freaks (hello 👋)

But you need to learn to give up control of:

  • Scores
  • Shot outcomes
  • Your swing

The more you let go of it, the stronger your game will be.

2) There is always a better golfer

You need to build your own identity in your game and stick with it…


Trying to always emulate parts of other’s games. It’s easy to get jealous and compare, but we all have our own unique path in this game.

3) Golf can jump up out of nowhere and bite you…HARD

Whether you had a good stretch of:

  • Holes
  • Weeks
  • Months

You are one swing away from being humbled and feeling the bedrock of your game shaken. This is normal; nothing to panic over when it happens. And it will!

4) Putting in work does not guarantee results

My inbox is filled with complaints by golfers who work tirelessly but do not see results.

I want everyone to work smarter. That will give you a better opportunity.

But there’s still a chance you get stuck in neutral.

5) Equating satisfaction with your scores will make you miserable

The more you obsess over your handicap and think about it while you play, the harder it will be to achieve your goals.

6) You can make great decisions and have poor results

You can choose an optimal target, go through your routine, and be 100% committed to a shot...

And chunk it.

Golf 🤷‍♂️

7) Learning more about the golf swing can make you worse

Watching YouTube videos and reading books about technique does not automatically translate to your swing.

For most, it overwhelms them with too many conflicting thoughts and leaves them frozen over the ball.

Get lessons.

8) Your attitude is just as important as your skills

This is a game of skill. But at times, it's also a test of your mind.

Those who:

  • Have more grit
  • See the bigger picture
  • Stay positive

Will perform better.

9) Your success in golf is not linear

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