5 Thoughts for Better Golf

This week, I'm giving you five quick thoughts for better golf:

1) Pride in the Grind

If you *really* want to lower your handicap, you have to find a way to stay engaged in rounds that aren't going well.

I see golfers all the time waste 5-10 strokes when they give up on their rounds.

Once you learn to take pride in the grind, it can become a good habit.

2) Relying on Your Short Game

A solid short game is like an insurance policy for your long game.

But you cannot keep filing claims, or your premiums will go through the roof!

I believe most golfers need to be proficient with their finesse wedges and putter, but ultimately the huge gains in scoring will come from tee shots and approach shots.

3) Expecting the Miraculous

Most golfers assume (I did too for a while) that pulling off miraculous shots is the path to a lower handicap.

But it’s really the pursuit of those shots that is holding them back.

Becoming a better golfer is mostly a series of boring, non-disastrous outcomes.

4) Stop Being a Gambler, Become the Casino

Most golfers play like gamblers.

They pursue suboptimal strategies that sometimes work out but, over the long run, cost strokes.

The good news is you can become the casino and stack the odds in your favor.

You just need to understand the rules and stick to them like a blackjack dealer. I teach these in The Four Foundations of Golf.

5) Reacting to Bad Shots

For the most part, you've got two choices after a bad shot:

1) Get angry at yourself
2) Accept it and move on

Choose #2 more often and watch what happens 😉

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